SaaS Implementation Services – Accelerating Journey to the Cloud

Alareeb ICT As a SaaS Implementation Specialist

We apply Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions as an integral part of your cloud approach and integrate them into your business utilizing pre-constructed accelerators. SaaS, with its pay-as-you-go model and anytime, anywhere access from any device feature, proves to be a perfect substitute for high-cost, low difficulty applications hosted on premise. We empower organizations to accelerate the extensive capability of SaaS to push transformation and enhance business and IT performance.

With our SaaS solutions, our customers get admittance to software from prominent vendors like Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Google, Microsoft, Netsuite etc. We help organisations in quickening their journey to the cloud. Our services help our customers to choose, deploy and integrate the apt SaaS solution as part of the organization’s cloud-first approach.

We have ample experience in decreasing enterprise complication and enhancing application landscapes, assuring you of advantages from a lesser risk implementation and augmented business outcomes.

Our SaaS experts focus on the below mentioned best practices, as they take up complex SaaS implementations:

  • Identifying team capability and competencies
  • Configuration of best practices
  • Concentrate on project plan
  • Visibly defined goals
  • Strategic flexibility
  • Constant re-evaluation

Our Key Service Offerings

SaaS Enablement Services

Our SaaS enablement services operate through a self-service provisioning system for uncomplicated apps, made accessible through public clouds. Our SaaS contributions for the enterprise make usage of hands on configuration by the individual software service provider. Alareeb ICT experts can assist in planning or accelerating your move to a SaaS delivery model. They have helped many organizations build SaaS platforms and SaaS-enable their apps. Our years of experience can help teams migrate their products efficiently and successfully, with minimal risk involvement and in a staged manner, if needed.

SaaS Implementation Services

Our key focus area is to implement SaaS in organizations of varied sizes and segments, irrespective of the domain to which they belong or their geographical location.

Major advantages of Implementing SaaS with us as the service partner are:

  • Safe, scalable, accessible, dependable IT
  • Enhanced user and client experience
  • Fast time-to-value and augmented user adoption
  • Reduced time to benefit
  • Easy to use, quick deployment
  • Reduced cost and seamlessly integrable

SaaS Migration Services

We provide migration services to assist our customers move their existing infrastructure into the SaaS environment. We understand, analyse and work out a detailed migration plan that relieves the customer of any burden that may arise owing to migration. We undergo detailed risk assessment and mitigation while migrating.

SaaS Support Services

Our high-quality, centralized and easy to find SaaS support services target towards attaining finest level of customer satisfaction, with minimal downtime. With the strong support of our taskforce, we have been able to seamlessly support a variety of SaaS implementations and thereafter. We have different ways of offering support, round the clock – live chat, service request dashboard etc. that facilitates our customers to approach our support teams at the earliest and with ease.

Key SaaS Implementation & Integration Considerations

While we plan for software implementation of a SaaS solution, there are certain key factors that we consider:

Our Role as a SaaS Implementation Service Provider

Our SaaS implementation process is based on the subsequent steps that we follow, to ensure increased success:

  • Comprehend the business needs
  • Ascertain the team to take on the assignment
  • Create a scalable infrastructure
  • Confirm the bandwidth necessity and hosting capacity
  • Obtaining the infrastructure elements
  • Implementation of the SaaS delivery infrastructure
  • Plan for disaster rescue and steadiness
  • Integration of a supervising solution
  • Organize the client support call center
  • Formulate the service level agreement (SLA)
  • Chart out a thorough documentation

Our SaaS implementation services are progressively more competent, configurable and scalable. Our in-depth understanding of your distinctive business realities can help in strengthening your business value, multi-fold.

SaaS Implementation FAQ

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely by a provider, and consumed by users in a one-to-many model on a pay-for-use or subscription basis. Instead of installing and maintaining software, users simply access a centrally hosted application via the Internet from the provider’s servers. The provider manages access to the application – including availability, performance, and security – freeing you from complex software and hardware management.

Can I Customize SaaS Software as per my requirement?

When SaaS applications first emerged, customization was very limited. Everyone got the same solution and had to adapt their business processes to the software they received. Today, it’s becoming much easier and more common to customize your SaaS systems. And in fact, there are now many consultants that specialize in tweaking SaaS applications to fit your business processes.

Who Owns my SaaS Data?

A lot of buyers fear that SaaS vendors “own” their data. This is certainly something to be aware of when negotiating a service level agreement (SLA) with your SaaS vendor. In addition to setting system reliability standards, the SLA spells out parameters for issues, such as data ownership, security requirements and maintenance schedules.

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