Alareeb ICT provides a robust Security Operations Center (SOC) service, acting as a critical line of defense for our clients against cyber threats. Our SOC is a dedicated hub for continuous monitoring and analysis of your organization’s cybersecurity posture, ensuring timely detection and response to potential security incidents.

Our highly skilled team of cybersecurity professionals use advanced security information and event management (SIEM) systems to identify, investigate, and resolve threats in real time. We offer 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your business is protected at all times.

We offer services that span across threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, and compliance reporting. Our proactive approach ensures potential threats are detected and mitigated before they can significantly impact your business operations.

In addition to reactive security measures, we also provide proactive strategies, such as threat intelligence, to help you stay one step ahead of potential cyber threats. This includes insights into emerging threats, providing an overview of your threat landscape and enabling you to make informed decisions on improving your security posture.

Key offerings:

  • 24/7 monitoring and threat detection to secure your business.
  • Incident response to mitigate and manage security threats.
  • Vulnerability management to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.
  • Compliance reporting to adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Threat intelligence to stay ahead of potential cyber threats.
  • A dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals.
  • Proactive and reactive strategies for comprehensive security.
  • Commitment to protecting your business from cyber threats.

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