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With technology expanding at a rapid pace, digitization is the key to a successful business. Digital transformation is revolutionizing business processes, with a dedicated client centric approach. It is the innovative pathway to maximize revenue, increase profitability and productivity, increase client retention.

As a Saudi Arabian company and a leading IT consultancy in the GCC area, at Alareeb ICT, we empower organizations and government units with comprehensive digital transformation services that align the IT strategy with organizational goals. We perceive the changing technological wave and its impact on varied business elements – eCommerce, supply chains, industry needs, employees, customer expectations and more.

We assist businesses drift towards brand-new digital media and interactive period. Our team structures your business processes via digital technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud and Big Data. We empower business leaders to stay a step ahead of the rest by instituting an integrated and digitized environment of individuals, procedures and environment.

Our digital transformation solutions leverage the existing and futuristic technological norms to garner optimum advantages. Harnessing extensive expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, our proficient resources offer an all-inclusive approach to varied clientele, belonging to multifaceted industry segments.

Our Digital Transformation Consulting and Its Significance

Organizations today strive for efficient taskforce, high-quality and full proof security, strengthened business alliances, faster and effective decision making. To achieve this, they must embrace digital transformation and ensure fulfilment of their requirements.

Our robust digital transformation consulting services leverage the cutting-edge digital technologies to offer a competitive advantage over the rest. We propose a complete set of services that focus towards accelerating the organizational journey towards success, profitability and efficiency.

We offer end-to-end digital transformation consulting with a logical approach, starting from defining transformation strategy and roadmap to vendor selection till system launch. We look for a seamless and effective digital strategy that matches your organization’s culture and goals.

We facilitate our customers to reimagine their business models, products and experience to drive innovation. Our digital transformation services reinvent and manage the most important business processes with a novel style of operation. Our motto is to simplify, modernize and secure the IT infrastructure and applications that form the fundamental base of business.

Major Factors Driving Digital Transformation

  • Continuously increasing connectivity between almost everything, say Internet of Everything
  • Increasing bulk of data being collected and need to analyse it
  • Need for collaboration at a business level and technical level too
  • Dominance of platform business models
  • Customer expectations and insight
  • Need for business transformation at all levels
  • Convergence of latest technologies like AI, IOT, Machine Learning etc.

Key Benefits of Our Digital Transformation Services

  • Insightful, data driven and enriched customer experience CX
  • Increased collaboration and enhanced customer relations
  • Boosted profitability through operational excellence
  • Empowered and innovative workforce
  • Maximized revenue with cost effectiveness
  • Increased business agility and flexibility

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Our Digital Transformation Strategy – Consultancy and Implementation

Digital Transformation Platform and Strategy Development

Based on our experience and expertise, we do a thorough analysis of various factors – current IT infrastructure, investment, best practices, competitive landscape, employee and customer needs. Our skilled taskforce works upon a digital transformation strategy that aligns with the organizational goals, business methodologies under the stipulated time and budget. A well-thought-of strategy paves a smooth way to a successful, rewarding business with a highly measurable ROI.

Digital Transformation Solution Selection

Our extensive research and experience in a bouquet of software solutions like ERP, CRM, eCommerce etc. assists in working out the best possible solution. We understand customer requirements in detail, work out necessary proposal needs, help in proposal evaluation, assist in negotiation and awarding the contract.

Implementation and Project Management

We provide completely transparent project management assistance that leverages our exhaustive experience combined with industry-recognized best practices. Our managerial taskforce monitors and maintains periodic milestones with regular progress reviews that keeps the schedule intact. In case of simultaneous projects being implemented, we are competent to establish a comprehensive program management office (PMO) to manage and coordinate between concurrent projects. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and integrated implementation of the digital transformation practices that are being introduced.

We follow a five-step process that is designed to implement a digital transformation strategy. Each phase is conducted and controlled through clear metrics, using industry’s best practices and agile project management approaches. We have a team of skilled resources who are well versed with all steps involved in the entire process.

Our Digital Transformation Process

We follow a five-step process that is designed to implement a digital transformation strategy. Each phase is conducted and controlled through clear metrics, using industry’s best practices and agile project management approaches. We have a team of skilled resources who are well versed with all steps involved in the entire process.

Digital Transformation

Our Role as a Digital Transformation Company

As one of the most experienced digital transformation companies across the Saudi Arabia, we @ Alareeb ICT leverage the power of Digital Transformation and help our clients

  • Garner next-gen products and services concentrating on the digital age
  • Adjust to changing business environment and scale at pace
  • Revolutionize digital experience, transform the operational procedure, and organize business
  • Streamline digital strategy, intelligent process automation and produce digital capabilities quicker
  • Build a digital enterprise with connected products, applied intelligence and cloud enablement
  • Ensure information control, data privacy and cybersecurity

We utilize a proven architecture, set of frameworks, technological advancements, project experts, industry experience and best of our taskforce to ensure modern-day digital transformation services in your organization. We have a deep understanding of the role technology plays in the business world, and how it would impact your organization, today and in the future. A digital tomorrow starts today, and we are ready to be your digital collaborator.

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Digital Transformation FAQ

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation can be described as using digital technologies in all areas of a business, which ultimately results in fundamental changes in business operations, making them significantly better.

The idea behind digital transformation is not only to recreate an existing service in a digital form but to make use of different technologies to make those services effective and efficient.

Our Employees Don’t Like Change. How can you help with this?

We take a reasoned, measured approach to any Digital Transformation and integration. Everything is well-planned, with every precaution taken to ensure bugs and surprises are minimized, and obstacles are overcome. And we also ensure your personnel are comfortable with the changes, which is vital. Employee buy-in is a substantial (and overlooked) part of any IT endeavour. This is where our training becomes invaluable as well.

Is digital transformation any different from an ERP system implementation?

While ERP system implementations are focused more on incremental business enhancements, digital transformation concentrates on bringing revolutionary changes to all the facets of a business. Digital transformation is implemented by adopting new technologies that a business is not currently utilizing, on the other hand, ERP systems usually upgrade the existing back office systems. Yet, ERP systems can co-exist with digital transformation as a part of an end-to-end digital ecosystem.

Does my organization need digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the best bet for organizations that are witnessing major shifts in their industry and are pursuing growth to remain more competitive. Another red flag for organizations is when customers are asking for or expecting a better digital experience; this is a clear signal for organizations to start implementing digital transformation.

When a company cannot keep up with the technology updates in the market, it is at risk of losing its position in the business. If every other company in a particular sector is moving towards digitalization, it may be time for all businesses in that sector to adopt the digital technologies for good.

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