Top 5 Emerging Digital Technologies in Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is embracing innovative and new technologies to boost its economy. Both private sectors and governments have been investing in the latest technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, cloud computing, and cybersecurity to the blockchain. According to Gartner, it is predicted that the MENA (middle east and north Africa region will spend about $1.7bn on IT

The CITC (communications and information technology commission) also launched the regulatory sandbox to assist businesses and investors interested in the kingdom’s tech sector. The emerging technology, the regulatory sandbox strives to promote development and increase investment, and it helps maintain a sufficient level of customer protection. Also, the technologies that may be targeted by Saudi’s governments will be digital twin, virtual reality/augmented reality/virtual reality, blockchain, the internet of things, cloud computing as mentioned above, and 3D printing.

According to Dell technologies, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading countries because both focus on cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation. Nearly 92% of IT decision-makers of the Saudi government believe that Covid-19 is the main reason for the acceleration of digital transformation, and it is mentioned in the study of a YouGov survey launched by SAP.

Accordingly, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a huge transition. The nation is revamping its regulatory framework to create rules that will be followed by many investors and enterprises. You may know that the aim of the kingdom and its vision for 2030 is to invest less in the oil industry and run the business with ease.

Discover the list of the top 5 emerging digital technologies that are adopted by many organizations in the KSA this year. 

The Latest Digital Technologies in Saudi Arabia

1. Metaverse

The concept of metaverse came in 1992 in the novel snow crash. Later, many companies developed online communities to spread awareness about this concept. However, you need to know that the metaverse is the future of the internet. People utilize avatars to represent themselves. They build a virtual community in the metaverse and communicate with each other.

Today, digital currency is used to buy weapons, clothes, and many other items. Even users can plan virtual trips through the metaverse with no goal in mind or with the aim of having fun using controllers and virtual reality headsets. Recently, the boldgroup with its partner darah celebrated Saudi national day on the decentralized metaverse.


What is a Decentralized Metaverse?

A decentralized metaverse is a famous platform. It is the world’s first metaverse ATM that allows users to develop, experience, and monetise their applications and content. It helps users to explore, play, and interact with activities and games. Besides, users can buy parcels of land to develop their applications, marketplaces, and environments. 


2. Blockchain

Blockchain industry leaders, representatives, and academic experts from companies revealed in the recent Saudi vision 2030 summit in Riyadh that blockchain technology has the potential to bring advancements with digital transformation in the country. This event was organized by the international BSV blockchain group and ThinkTech.

The main topic of the discussion was that blockchain is a reliable and scalable platform to build enterprise-scale and government applications because it has low transaction fees, large block sizes, and stable underlying protocols. It helps in solving real-world problems as experienced by speakers from the BSV ecosystem, which captivated the attention of the audience by giving examples of how the BSV blockchain can handle issues that many businesses are facing while protecting individual privacy and maintaining public adaptability.

blockchain technology

3. WiFi 6E

WiFi 6E stands for WiFi 6. It comes with a 6 GHz band and ranges from 5.925 GHz to 7.125 GHz. It works the same as WiFi 6, but it allows you to achieve 1,200 MHz of extra spectrum. The kingdom announced the rollout of WiFi 6E, which is compatible with the most WiFi spectrum of any country in the world.

Thanks to modern technologies and a record amount of spectrum (2.4 Gbps), Saudi Arabia will gain benefits from the fastest WiFi connections worldwide. Due to the improved connectivity, the GDP of Saudi Arabia is projected to grow from $4.7 billion to $18 billion in 2030.


4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

According to the official report of the Saudi press agency, King Abdullah University and the Saudi authority for data and artificial intelligence have decided to create a center of excellence in data science and artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia.

Machine learning will also be considered for Saudi’s digital transformation. Its ability to analyze data sets and use pattern recognition provide benefits like improved efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

5. Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is another trend in digital technologies in Saudi Arabia because it leverages software bots to automate routine-based and highly repetitive tasks usually performed by knowledge experts.

This technology is highly expected to be used in banks because of the banking system of the Saudi kingdom and Islamic laws. Banks’ activities will be fully automated, and it can improve productivity. You need to understand that RPA brings digital transformation to the banking sector because it is a systematic software robot that ensures rule-based performance and performs high-level tasks to support the banking system of Saudi Arabia.

It also assists in providing great satisfaction to customers and focuses on strengthening work quality and staff efficiency. Thus, you can assume that robotic process automation is the emerging trend in the field of digital technologies in the KSA.

Robotic Process Automation

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