Making Cyber Security a Top Priority in Digital Transformation

Making Cyber Security a Top Priority in Digital Transformation

Due to the high use of smart devices and changing customer needs, it becomes necessary for businesses to leverage digital transformation in their processes because it allows them to gain more opportunities and provide them with high-end capabilities to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

The pandemic also forced companies to make remote work a high priority. Similarly, new technologies are adopted faster by businesses to satisfy the unique needs of their customers and boost their revenue. It means investing in digital transformation can become the right option if it is the matter of increasing workplace efficiency, providing a better experience to customers, and making the small business more successful.

However, the technologies that bring digital transformation to companies can also prove dangerous if you don’t have the best cyber security practices to protect your business. Some of the digital technologies that have more downsides are artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data and real-time analytics, the internet of things, augmented reality. You may also use these technologies for business purposes or automate your work processes.

Digital technologies may have more downsides


But what about cyber attacks? Are you enlisting cyber security services or IT governance services to eliminate business risks? If not, you can soon experience huge disruption in your operations, reputational damage, data breaches, or severe financial loss.

For example, in Saudi Arabia, nearly 22,5 million cyberattacks are experienced by the country’s individuals or business owners every year. Likewise, data leak issues are also faced by Saudi Arabians from time to time, and the personal data breach cases of approximately 29 million Facebook users were reported in 2018. Accordingly, you may now understand that choosing one of the best DTO (digital transformation officers) or service providers is the right decision and the necessity to make cyber security the biggest priority for your company.

The reason to choose DTOs or business leaders for your security challenges is their expertise to ensure that new digital technologies will support your strategic goals without creating any loopholes in your business. Also, they leverage the following trends to ensure that digital transformation is sustainable and helps you efficiently grow your business. 


5 Tips to Strengthen your Company’s Cybersecurity


1. Protecting your Digital Assets

A digital asset can be anything that is stored electronically in either a text document or a private database key. To protect these assets, many organizations face various internal and external challenges. For instance, integration is required to switch between different assets in your organization. Furthermore, it is crucial for data managers to consider a DAM solution to manage the videos, files, images, and the entire data from the center. One must follow an effective cyber-security strategy while using any digital asset for the business. Otherwise, failure can occur in your IT infrastructure and business processes.

One of the best options is to choose a reliable digital transformation company because they have a knowledge of inventory management and help you secure your resources, including network repositories, data, or workplaces. According to the research of BI.Zone, when avoiding digital asset security, the chances of data leakage can happen more, and you may compromise with your networks due to their linking of such assets.

To avoid such incidents, businesses should prepare a robust transformation strategy and get security services from the IT company because the experts at information technology organizations have frameworks and special tools to make their digital assets extremely secure. Also, they can easily address business challenges in the areas of risk management and regulatory compliance to align your IT strategy with ease and fulfill your organizational goals.

Protecting your Digital Assets


2. Use Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced analytics is a collection of methods and techniques that allow you to discover business trends and predict the future with the assistance of fact-based and data-driven information.

With these techniques, it becomes easy to respond to new changes and solve problems with maximum accuracy. Besides, advanced data analytics allow security leaders to avoid the conflict between IT security and C-Suite executives. It can even enhance the communication between two parties like customers and business specialists and aid you in providing a better employee experience.


3. Boost Skills to Safely Operate Novel Technologies

When it comes to digital transformation, both technical and non-technical experts focus on the development of new skills because a lack of knowledge and human error can lead to cyber-incidents.

Therefore, if you want to improve your cybersecurity, you must select the security services of a digital transformation company because the regular training or learning is done by all employees to reduce the risk of incidents, and the management ensures that work will be performed safely in the new digital world.


4. Cloud Security

Today, many companies have started migrating to the cloud because it allows teams to access applications anytime and from anywhere in the world. Employees can also have more flexibility even after working from home and gain some security benefits.

Cloud Security


Yet, due to the dependency on one cloud service provider and particular data storage formats, many companies face certain challenges. For example, if the service provider you choose is bankrupt, the chances are high that their cloud services can become unavailable or create more problems for your business.

By considering all the above challenges, ensure that the DTO (digital transformation officer) that you choose for your company is experienced enough to secure cloud computing. The supplier must have advanced solutions to support other vendors’ formats and have robust security measures to keep your IT systems safe and secure.


5. Outsource your Cyber Security Work

You may know that digital transformation is a continuous process, and it requires responsible cybersecurity specialists to ensure that the process of your digital transformation will manage smoothly.

In case of a shortage of qualified personnel, it becomes challenging for your company to meet the digital transformation needs. Thus, if you want to stay ahead in the competitive environment and improve data security, choosing the outsourcing company for your cybersecurity tasks can be the safest option.

At this point, you don’t need to worry about the investment of tools and frameworks because everything is already available at the digital transformation company. The specialists of security services companies can also resolve all of the elements in a cross-functional manner and help you succeed in your business for longer.



Above, we’ve discussed the importance of cybersecurity in business and provided some tips that you can follow to make cyber security a top priority in digital transformation. You can talk with one of our cyber security experts at Alareeb ICT to keep your data private and free of risks.

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