Why Alareeb ICT is the Leading Digital Transformation Provider in Saudi Arabia

Why Alareeb ICT is the Leading Digital Transformation Provider in Saudi Arabia

Over the years, Alareeb ICT  has become the leading digital transformation service provider in Saudi Arabia. This has been proven with the successful implementation of projects in digital transformation for various clients in the country and around the region.  

The founder of Alareeb ICT, Mr. Abdullah Alsherhani, has been working as an IT expert for a decade when he founded the organization based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with a  familiarity with the requirements of local connections and customers in Riyadh.

Another key point of Alareeb ICT’s success is the company’s understanding of the current needs of Saudi’s governmental organizations and companies who require a wide variety of digital transformation services such as digital transformation in marketing and digital transformation using mobile apps because it allows their organizations to satisfy their customer’s demands and make it easy for them to perform well in an economic environment. Through Alareeb ICT’s integration of digital transformation in digital marketing, businesses can respond better and faster to technological advancements that are changing consistently and in unexpected ways. 

Whether you have a government agency, consulting firm, or a civil society organization, Alareeb ICT can offer tailor-fit digital transformation, digital marketing and mobile and web app development services to meet unique requirements and needs as well as other digital transformation solutions.


Top Reasons Why Alareeb ICT is the Best Digital Transformation Service Partner in Saudi Arabia?


  • Flexibility

Productivity and profitability are the two main goals of the company. Alareeb ICT’s services from digital marketing, mobile & web app development, mobile optimization to digital marketing are flexible enough to fulfill business-specific and client-specific needs.


  • Experienced Team Members

Experienced Team Members-


Being the best digital transformation services company, Alareeb ICT has a team of over 10+ experts that include the CEO Mr. Abdullah Alserhani, digital transformation strategist, consultants, digital marketing experts, content writers, mobile app & web app developers, which is beneficial in order to start and execute digital transformation services projects.

Alareeb ICT also includes a team of  tech ninjas who have proficiency in various frameworks, technologies, project management, architecture, and processes that helps various clients stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, if you are looking for digital services such as IT governance, transformation, marketing, mobile app development, or other solutions such as ERP and CRM, you can choose Alareeb ICT and make our team a great asset for your business.


  • Hands-on Experience in Different Industries

With the mission of being the leading IT consulting firm in the Gulf states, the company offers comprehensive and robust digital services to different industry segments from finance, telecommunications, car dealerships, petrochemicals, FMCG to more.

Alareeb ICT has vast knowledge of different cultural norms and expectations and is capable of fulfilling a specific set of expectations of varied geographic regions and working as per the needs of customers in the KSA.



  • Seamless Approach for an Enhanced Delivery Process

The company is aware of the rapid pace of technological change and its impact on employees, businesses, supply chain, commerce, and other areas. Thanks to the many years of experience of Alareeb ICT, the company can focus on the alignment of IT strategies for different clients and company’s goals and leverage both the latest and future technology norms to make well-informed recommendations for real-life implementation of solutions. Alareeb ICT also ensures to integrate real ideas into the services with the intention to serve exactly what clients expect before assigning the project to one of the teams of Alareeb ICT.

Are you interested to know more about our digital transformation services and obtain information about why Alareeb ICT is the right digital transformation service provider in Saudi Arabia?

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You can also visit our main office in the KSA located at: Level 6 Akaria Plaza, Northern Wing, Gate D, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or stay in touch with us via email at [email protected] to share your concerns or address your IT industry’s problems with us. 


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