Project Management Office (PMO) Services: Benefits and Recommendations

Alareeb ICT Project Management Office (PMO) Services: Benefits and Recommendations

According to statistics, around 70% of companies focus on becoming an Agile organization. Similarly, Gartner verifies that nearly 80% of organizations are concentrating on a product-centric approach, and the success rate of Agile methodology is 64%. Whereas many companies are utilizing some sort of project management software tools to complete their projects within the budget.

As per the study of TeamStage, 70% of all projects fail when it is not delivered or managed based on the client’s expectations and requirements. The other common causes of a project failure are as follow:

  • Changes in project objectives. 
  • Changes in the organization’s priorities or unprofessional response during change management.
  • Poor/Inadequate communication. 
  • Risks and opportunities were not defined. 
  • Inexperienced project managers.
  • Task dependency. 
  • Team member procrastination or others.

In order to avoid the above issues, one should consider the reliable PMO (project management office) that is a department or a group within an organization, and it takes responsibility for controlling and coordinating all projects from a centralized platform.

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The reason to choose a project management office or company is its ability to solve your company’s pain points. Also, with the help of experts, you can easily enhance your business performance and embrace as many opportunities as possible. Moreover, it helps your company compete in volatile markets, keeps you ahead by utilizing fast-paced technologies and innovation, plus satisfies your ever-changing customers’ expectations.

At Alareeb ICT, we are also a professional project management consultancy and offer PMO (project management office) services in the KSA, GCC areas, and other regions of Saudi Arabia. It means whether you are planning to hire the PMO for data migration, ERP, solution implementation, CRM, mobile-based application, app integration, websites, or any other technical project, you are free to connect with one of our experts at Alareeb ICT and schedule a PMO consultation with us


Why Choose Alareeb ICT for Project Management Services?

We have a team of proficient project management experts who have many years of specialized training and knowledge of many project management methodologies, including waterfall and agile (Kanban, Scrum, etc.), to manage your simple, complex, crucial to time-bound projects.

Also, we have expertise in using various tools like Gantt Charts, dashboards, project scheduling, team collaboration, resource planning, and issue tracking software to meet your organizational goals and objectives.

Furthermore, our project management services are suitable for companies who have the following requirements:

  • High level of project management expertise to handle two or more projects
  • Ability to align corporate objectives with project plans
  • Expert resources for project implementation and management
  • Project direction and are capable of addressing different project challenges
  • A clear purpose, planning, and assistance with monitoring.

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How Alareeb ICT Works?

Being one of the best project management consultants, we assist companies in different phases of project management so that one can smoothly execute and complete the project.

To know more about our project management consultancy process, you need to check out below because it will give you an idea about how our project management professionals work and help your company increase your project performance.



Before starting the actual implementation of your project, we help your industry experts find and create PMO-related documents and tools. After that, we will move on to the next step, mentioned below.



The next step is to create a project management plan for your industry. We will also focus on the project risk assessment to help you prepare for unexpected and uncertain events that may negatively influence your project.



After preparing the company’s plan, the focus is given to the project execution and the institutionalization of project management.


Project Monitoring and Controlling

In order to track the progress of your project, we support the companies in project management monitoring and control that can involve the activities such as reviewing the project’s status, change management, or implementing essential changes. In this phase, we can also evaluate the potential obstacles.

For example, we ensure to be consistent in project management because it allows us to concentrate on best practices and understand the latest project management trends.

Apart from that, there is a 100% scope of improvement in project monitoring because the communication is managed across teams, and we ensure that everyone will be on the same track to make your project successful.

Project management trends



Helps you in smooth completion and closure of the project. Also, we rewind the lessons that we’ve learned throughout the process to bring digital transformation to your company.


Alareeb ICT’s Top 10 Recommendations for an Effective Project Management Office

  1. Consider a comprehensive, measured, logical, and customer-centric approach for any project management service. The reason behind that is the success that can only be achieved by implementing the right processes.
  2. Keep teams in loops and allow business owners and all contributors to create an effective alliance environment.
  3. Identify and choose the best project management software or tools to create and review the PMO-related documents and processes.
  4. Get an effective project plan and let you know the status of your project so that you can ensure your project delivery with ease and recommend any changes if you want to make any. 
  5. Enhance communication among all stakeholders.
  6. Identify risks and ensure that they are definitely mitigated. 
  7. Ensure minimum risks, scope variations, and cost.  
  8. Focus on change and issue management to ensure a smooth operation.      
  9. Provide 100% transparency to customers and make sure a fruitful relationship.

Understand the project’s goals defined in the initiation document and ensure to fulfill these goals.


Benefits of Choosing Alareeb ICT for Project Management Services 

  • Alareeb ICT offers different types of project management services from IT project and programme management, project management office assistance, PMO maturity assessment, project portfolio management implementation /enhancement, collaborative PMO, and software selection and implementation.
  • The experts at Alareeb ICT shortens the time needed to meet your objectives.
  • Aalareeb ICT brings teams and clients together.
  • Quality work is provided, with a team that is committed to project timelines and deadlines to stay ahead of you in the competition.
  • Leadership skills are improved.
  • 99.9% project success rate ensured.
  • Enhanced user acceptance and change management.

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If you are interested to know more about our services, case studies, or know how Alareeb ICT has helped its clients in the KSA or how our experts helped them achieve project success, you can download a copy of our latest eBook and give an interesting read before choosing us for project management services.

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