Alareeb ICT Digital eBook: Focus on Digital Transformation

Alareeb ICT Digital eBook: Focus on Digital Transformation

In today’s modern world, many businesses around the globe are constantly advancing to stay updated with the latest digital technology and tools because the new innovation helps them gain success in the digital era.

Digital technology aims to transform industries in such a way so that they can deliver fundamental improvements in terms of efficiency, personalization, and security.

With digital technology, it becomes possible to bring a virtual revolution in every industry. Also, one can live and reshape their jobs in ways that are difficult to imagine.

Alareeb ICT has recently published the ebook based on the best key services we offer to our clients in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries. Take a sneak peek of our digital transformation and know how Alareeb ICT can create value in your business with digital transformation.


What is Digital Transformation?

According to the mindset of Alareeb ICT, the process of using and applying digital technologies in order to create and modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences is called digital transformation. These digital technologies help Alareeb ICT meet the unique needs of the current marketplace and businesses.


What is Digital Transformation


If you are a company that also wants to improve processes as per the latest trends in the market, it is ideal to adopt a digital transformation plan for your business this year and whenever you’re planning to run a successful digital campaign

Alareeb ICT has over 20 years of expertise in IT services, and we are one of the best digital transformation companies in Saudi Arabia because we have applied our digital transformation strategies to several Saudi-based projects, including GCC.


Reasons to Choose Alareeb ICT for Digital Transformation

The worldwide spending on digital transformation will be nearly $2 trillion by 2022.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition and improve your work processes digitally, well-grounded digital transformation strategies and choosing one of the best experts at Alareeb ICT can become the right option for your company.


Quote 1 from Alareeb ICT eBook

– excerpt from Part 1 of the Alareeb ICT eBook


At Alareeb ICT, we offer a wide variety of IT and digital transformation services to government organizations, startups, and other companies, plus we have many years of experience in serving our comprehensive and robust digital services to multiple industries and industry segments. 

Whether you are a telecom company, finance, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), automotive dealers, petrochemical, or any other industry, we can confidently align our IT strategies with your organizational goals.

Alareeb ICT also ensures seamless integration of actual ideas, solutions, and services as per current and future technological standards.

If you want to know why you should hire our digital transformation experts for your company, check out how Alareeb ICT assisted the Tajeer Group in its digital transformation and made it the best lean optimized digital organization.

Recently, the specialists at Alareeb ICT finished the digital transformation project of Tajeer Group, which was one of the leading auto dealers in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia for Chinese brands MG and FAW.

With our digital transformation services, we helped this auto dealer company bring digital transformation in their core areas from sales, after-sales (service and parts), and customer services.


Alareeb ICT also made it possible for their experts to gain profitable business opportunities and minimize waste in their operations so that they can smoothly streamline the backend processes of their automotive sector and become successful in their digital customer journey.

Being one of the best digital transformation service partners in Saudi Arabia and GCC, we fulfilled their unique business requirements and helped them in its lean process optimization and business process transformation. We also helped them get unique designs to make their company competitive and challenging in the auto market.

You may find it hard to believe that today,  Tajeer Group is embracing huge business opportunities in their niche and can directly sell cars in their large showrooms across Saudi Arabia. At present, Tajeer Group has numerous showrooms in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam and can organize several workshops throughout Saudi Arabia.


Tajeer Group


Apart from this, our digital transformation strategies made it effortless for their experts to sell a wide variety of Japanese, Korean, and American car brands under the new brand name Motor Souq and they can offer high-quality and guaranteed cars either through cash or an easy leasing payment system.

Without digital transformation, it might be tough for them to turn the impossible into possible. Thus, you need to understand that the right leaders can make digital transformation work and drive positive outcomes for your company.


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