Digital Transformation1

Digital Transformation Defined

Trader and business people have been changing their way of doing business since the dawn of mankind history with every new disruptive technology. For instance, parting has been the way of value exchange until the new technology at those day called currency has emerged. Since then, business transaction has been made by exchanging goods for equivalent value of the currency in use of that particular geographic location. And so on with every new disruptive technology that came afterward such as the combustion engine, the railroad, etc etc.

Digital Transformation1

With every phase of transformation people feared that business will be doomed by the introduction of the new disruptive technology and the resulting business transformation. Nevertheless those fears were baseless and what happens is quite the opposite world trade has grown bigger and bigger with new untapped potential and opportunities exploitation. Obviously, with every wave of transformation there were ones who were able to think ahead of the curve and eventually emerged as winners of that wave of transformation. Unfortunately there were also those who were adamant and got into the position of change resistance blindfolded with their denials and sadly were pushed of the Sean and were forced to shut down and leave.

In this era we live in the internet age and the digital disruptive technologies. Hence, we are in another business as usual transformation. Only different in the base and spread. Internet unlike previous disruptive inventions, is touching everyone everywhere almost instantly. Whenever a new smart device is released it is on sale across the whole world almost on the same week. And people lineup to get hold on of the new gamut regardless of what is their expectations of it.

Technology has changed the way we spend our time the way we learn the way we think and the way we associate with others.

Such impact has transformed so many different aspects of our lives including our buying patterns. Thus, we are in front of a new consumer behavior paradigms the business arena will have to adopt to and tap on its evolving potential.

This blog will take you through a series of thought provoking blogs that will shed lights to various aspect of digital transformation. And what can we expect to change in the corporate life and who will be the winners in the phase of transformation and who will be the losers who will be pushed around and forced to shut down and leave the Sean.

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