Top 6 Digital Transformation Challenges & Their Solutions

Top 6 Digital Transformation Challenges & Their Solutions

According to a survey, 99% of worldwide IT directors went through some sort of digital transformation in 2020, and the same number of global professionals predict to continue transformation efforts in 2021. 

Accordingly, digital transformation is the buzzword of an urban research and technology business. Similarly, modern firms are leaving no stone unturned to boost their operational efficiency and increase profits. 

However, do we understand the deployment process and the significant changes that digital transformation brings to overall experiences?

Due to technological advances – no matter how big or small, businesses have to transform themselves into digital companies and focus on the latest digital marketing strategies in the coming year of 2022.

In the past, digital transformation concentrated mainly on enhancing processes, products, and the employee experience.  But, after the pandemic hit, most IT decision-makers of the 21st century have made digital transformation and digital marketing innovation as their biggest priority to increase investments flowing in digitally and improve their business processes online

Furthermore, according to McKinsey, only 16% of executives from different firms state that their digital transformation efforts are succeeding. It means 86% of businesses are facing severe challenges and still lacking in their marketing personalization strategies.

So, in order to stay trend-forward in business, it is essential to address digital transformation challenges for companies in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries to be on top of the game in the digital age.

Today, we are explaining how digital transformation helps you stay trend-forward, why investing in the digital future is a sure-fire way to succeed, and 6 key challenges of digital transformation with our recommended solutions.

How Digital Transformation Helps You Stay Trend-Forward

By 2025, it forecasts that the digital transformation market will skyrocket at $3,294 billion, growing at a CAGR of 22.7% from 2019 to 2025

Why? Well, companies now have access to massive customer data than ever before. Digital transformation allows unprecedented levels of innovation across all industries, resulting in a complete reimagining of services, products, and experiences being delivered to the market. 

The Internet of Things (IoT), Social Media, Digital Marketing Innovation, and Mobile – all these factors and technologies are changing the way we connect, talk, and discover forever. Digital transformation has also become the go-to strategy to focus on cyber security and risk management. The COVID-19 situation has increased the significance of robust cybersecurity practices. However, striking a balance between technology, people and processes is necessary. 

Digital transformation allows us to use a multi-cloud strategy for various reasons, including resilience, disaster recovery, and data residency requirements. Democratization of AI has also become one of the crucial digital transformation trends in 2021 with 80% of CEOs strengthening their efforts to manage their work processes digitally and implement new technologies. At present, data is the lifeblood of any enterprise and making data-driven decisions is a crucial goal of digital transformation. 

Digital transformation also makes companies agile-oriented. A digital transformation framework is your company’s game plan, and it should be more accurate and prepared in a structured form to achieve your industry’s unique objectives.

Digital Marketing Innovation

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Here are some key points below to explain the importance of digital transformation and how digital marketing in Saudi Arabia has evolved, with the increase of online users and clients in the country and in other countries in the GCC.

  • Digital technology integration – Digital transformation allows you to integrate digital technologies into all areas of your business. 
  • Keeps you updated – It helps organizations to stay up-to-date with the emerging customer requirements, compete better in an economic environment and thus thrive in the face of the future. 
  • Less cost – It minimizes costs and saves time in processes. 
  • Higher operational efficiency – It boosts operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Competitive advantage – It gives a competitive advantage and promises to improve the quality of the products manufactured. 
  • Reactivity to changing demands – It assists in providing a quick response to the changing demands of the market. 
  • Facilitated communication – It decentralizes production by facilitating remote communication and mobility. 
  • Aids in pre and post organization planning – It prepares the firms to anticipate any disruption in an organization and helps drive the culture of innovation.
  • Better team collaboration across networks – It improves internal collaboration and integration by facilitating communication between departments. 

Better business processing for systems – It provides better optimization assurance and more robust business intelligence for your systems and processes to help your company attain future success.

6 Digital Transformation Challenges and Solutions

The only way to gain digital transformation success lies in the ability to understand the digital transformation challenges and tackle them with extreme care and diligence. 
It is important to note that digital transformation affects your business and has a severe impact on customer experience and stakeholders associated with your brand. So, let’s understand the key challenges of digital transformation and explore the solutions to turn them into success below:

Challenge 1: How to Find the Right Digital Transformation Partner

Finding the right digital transformation partner is one of the biggest business digital transformation challenges because 70% of businesses either have a digital transformation strategy in place, and the rest of others believe that they have already completed the digital transformation. In this case, it is difficult to decide whether companies have the right skills and experience to change your business model or not.  

If you want to make your digital transformation successful, you must approach the right digital transformation partner first and make sure this partner should have the combination of skills and experience to manage your modern and legacy IT infrastructures.

Moreover, the digital transformation partner should have knowledge of dealing with unique systems with best practices to turn your idea into action. Apart from it, interactive communication is the key to a successful digital transformation project because many IT projects fail due to improper communication between internal and external teams. 

Alareeb ICT is considered as one of the best digital transformation agencies in Saudi Arabia, and we ensure that our project methodologies and technical skill sets can help your company build a successful business. 

With our Agile-oriented digital transformation strategies, you can easily get more flexibility, revenue opportunities, increased user engagement, and better market share; plus, we help your company reduce operational costs and lower turnover.

Find the right digital partner

Challenge 2: Modern Technologies Integration and Managing Data

The cause for the lack of agility is the lack of skills in people, and their poor work culture that can also create a problem in your business. 

To tackle digitization challenges, you should consider the tools that allow easy integration of modern technologies and manage data to reduce the time taken in administrative and back-office tasks. 

At Alareeb ICT, we take a measured and reasoned approach to any digital transformation and integration. Aside from this, we have a full-fledged planning system to minimize bugs plus errors and overcome obstacles that occur while taking your offline business online. 
The experts at Alareeb ICT are also up-to-date with the latest technologies to help your customers get a better digital experience and meet your unique business needs.

Challenge 3: Shift in Work Culture

Digital transformation is not all about introducing new technologies to the business. It is also about shifting the work culture to a new direction as well. 

Even if you build a powerful digital transformation strategy, digital transformation can become a big problem if the company doesn’t upgrade its tools and technologies and doesn’t have sufficient knowledge to make broad changes in the organizational project. 

Digital transformation is all about the power to deal with changes and adopt the new culture. You must ensure that everything will be well-structured and aligned with a roadmap. 

To stay in line with the digital transformation efforts, every worker of the organization should be good communicative, agile-focused, and adaptable. 
To avoid this digital transformation challenge, you must hire a reliable digital transformation partner like Alareeb ICT, to ensure that the process will be managed smoothly and bug-free.

Challenge 4: Understanding Customers’ Needs

In the digital age, customers are at the forefront of what we do. 

To understand them better, you must understand their behavior in real-time and analyze the user’s data to create new insights into marketing strategies. Because if you don’t understand your customer needs, your business can quickly fail in the market. 

Understanding customer needs

Challenge 5: Taking up with the In-efficient Business Model

The business model you had earlier where digitization was not a part of your business needs to be swiped with a new and efficient one because it can help you cope with the digital model of your business. However, this process can require a lot of energy and resources, but you don’t need to worry because the solution is given below.

Hire the ideal digital marketing agency in Saudi Arabia with a well-thought plan to help you create a new business model as per your targeted audience and have key resources to develop the strong proposition and execute and bring all things in line. Alareeb ICT can support you in this and be able to provide a strategic digital marketing plan for your business.

Challenge 6: Alignment with Business Strategy

Fulfilling the long-term purpose, staying organized with the strategy, and keeping every element of the business alive, takes too many shoulders and efforts. Writing things on paper and practically executing them has a difference of miles. 

Always choose the right strategic partner because it has the capability to align your project goals and objectives directly with the biggest business goals of the organization. Similarly, it ensures that your firm’s internal and external strategies will better align with the marketplace, users or customers. 

Nonetheless, the whole mechanism of making an alignment with business strategy needs determination and patience to assure that the process will run smoothly and the business will transform into success.


Every business that is on the path of digital transformation will trip on the challenges we mentioned in this article. If your business is experiencing any of these challenges, the solution to all these problems is to focus on a targeted and right approach. 

The right digital transformation partner, the right strategy, business model, data execution, technology, and culture fit at the right place will make all the sense. It will create an alignment in your business plans & execution and be the cure to all your problems. 

Thus, if you want to overcome the challenges of digital transformation, you must have an innovative partner who can stay by your side for your digital transformation and help you serve your purpose efficiently. 

Are you ready to win at digital transformation?

At Alareeb ICT, we offer affordable digital transformation services and assist governmental and several organizations in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries with our result-oriented digital transformation strategies and the power of our workforce, technology, and digital marketing innovation.

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