Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for Automotive Companies

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for Automotive Companies

With the introduction of new technologies, the automotive industry is growing faster than ever. Automotive manufacturers have integrated digital technologies into many areas of their business, such as product design, acquisition, production, supply chain handling, and sales and marketing.

To enhance the customer experience digitally, the automotive industry will focus on learning, customer demands, purchasing, and car operations. Not only this but also investments in the automotive company will also increase by $82 billion or more.

Improving customer support online will be the main target for automobile dealers because they use digital technologies in eCommerce and offer their products directly to customers. Whether it is car components, automobiles, or accessories, using digital technology is necessary to help customers get the best online support experience.


What are the Latest Trends Currently Shaping the Automotive Industry?



Connectivity is the main requirement of customers and drivers. Today, drivers connect their cars with several applications and social media accounts and listen to music via Bluetooth or internet connectivity.

Similarly, vehicle manufacturers offer those vehicles to drivers that they can use to manage their businesses and social lives and satisfy their unique requirements.

A few years back, having a strong Wi-Fi connection in cars was a dream of many buyers. Today, most buyers prioritise digital connectivity to access a wide range of entertainment services in one go. You may be glad to know that these cars come with advanced security services to lower the risk of accidents. 


Predictive Maintenance

Early failure detection is one of the latest trends that you can experience in the automotive industry. With this technology, it is possible to gather data on your vehicle’s performance, and this data can further upload it to the cloud. You can evaluate the state of vehicle software or hardware and receive alerts or advice on any service or repair if it is required by your car due to accidents or injuries.

This technology gathers data on vehicle performance, uploads it to the cloud, and assesses the likelihood that a vehicle’s hardware or software may break down. Due to the continuous integration of technologies, knobs and gauges can be replaced with a digital interface that supports over-the-air updates and allows owners to maintain their cars on a routine basis.

Predictive Maintenance


Personalized Customer Experience

Approximately 74% of managers predict that Western European output levels would be decreased by 5% in 2030. This decline level will ensure reduced expense and greater transparency in the supply chain.

The procedures for design, production, and distribution will be accelerated. Additionally, improved communication options will make it possible for the company to receive direct input. The development, flexibility, and efficiency changes will eliminate the obstacles to the creation of intelligent plants.

Personalized Customer Experience


Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS)

With the continuous popularity and emergence of private and public ride-sharing, we discover that vehicles have become a part of connected living.

Automotive companies like Lyft and Uber are independent, which are startup industries that help shift away from service-oriented modes of transportation and privately owned cars. Moreover, customers will get financial relief by reducing expenses like down to maintenance, the huge upfront cost of purchasing a vehicle, licensing and registration, and experience big savings.

On the other hand, some auto industries are concentrating on partnerships with other companies and investments. For example, Fiat is collaborating with Google. Similarly, Volkswagen is setting an example by launching its ride-sharing app.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)


Data Security and Protection

The car industry is the second most data-driven industry in the world. Thus, manufacturers collaborate with software development companies. Modern cars are intelligent and collect data about drivers, traffic patterns, regular locations, etc. This information further allows us to communicate and engage with drivers. However, connected systems must be secure in order to prevent driver information. That’s why businesses are constantly searching for new safety developments. 

Data Security and Protection


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