Overview of Digital Transformation and AI in Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is integrating digital technologies or bringing digital transformation throughout all business areas. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is developing AI-friendly ecosystems and adopting data analytics solutions. NEOM is a smart Saudi city and is now under construction in the Tabuk region in Northwest Saudi Arabia.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Saudi Arabia for the Good of Humanity

The Global AI Summit was held at King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in the KSA from 13 to 15 September. In this event, from attendees and partners to speakers, everyone participated in two-way conversations with the aim of addressing complex AI problems.

The Global AI Summit involved the most important decision makers, thought leaders, innovators, and policy makers in the united economic framework. Also, it taught many entrepreneurs to transform society and define the future.

Global AI Summit


Significant Advances in Digital Transformation in the KSA

Over $2.13 billion of foreign investment has been made into the IT market of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, the fintech investment was around $144 million in 2020, and this investment grew in 2021 to almost $400 million. Saudi Arabia makes digital transformation one of the essential elements, and citizens of this country are planning to go the extra mile by investing in new technologies like Web3 and Metaverse.

Web3 is the new idea of the World Wide Web with decentralization, blockchain, openness, and increased consumer utility are some of its great features. Its market size is anticipated to be over $6.2 billion in 2023 and is projected to expand at a compound annual rate of more than 44% between 2023 and 2030.

On the other hand, the Kingdom will invest billions in the metaverse, which is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds, and it is achieved by the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

You may know the CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission) has launched the latest technologies regulatory sandbox as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to support companies and investors interested in technologies. Some of the emerging technologies that many governments and the kingdom’s public sector corporations are adopting are the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twin, AR (Augmented Reality), Virtual Reality (VR) as mentioned above, Extended Reality (XR), cloud computing, 3D/4D printing, blockchain, and many more.

Significant Advances in Digital Transformation in the KSA


Furthermore, Saudi Arabia obtained a second rank globally as one of the top digital risers among the G20 nations in the competitiveness report for the year 2021 compiled by the European Center for Digital Competitiveness. This progress allows the kingdom to continue on its digital leadership and encourages the KSA to concentrate on its ongoing maintenance across numerous measures. 


Saudi Arabia’s National Strategy Consider 6 Dimensions for Data and Artificial Intelligence 

1. Ambition

Saudi Arabia aims to acquire a good rank among the top 15 countries that are also planning to experience transformation with AI in 2030. It has the purpose of transforming the nation into a global leader in AI and data, and the organizations of Saudi want to be a leader in AI technologies, including global strategy and policy development.


2. Skills

Skills are required to be gained by the workforce through education. Up-skilling and reskilling will provide an opportunity for Saudis and enable them to use AI and data in both the public and private sectors. The country’s goal is to produce nearly 20,000 AI and data experts and specialists and more educational institutions in the kingdom.


3. Policy and Regulations

Another aim of Saudi Arabia is to develop the best regulatory framework that will support data-driven enterprises and allow government agencies to gather and share data for the benefit of citizens.


4. Investment

In order to attract foreign companies and investors, businesses need to invest in qualified opportunities in Saudi Arabia, and it is planning to attract SAR 75bn or a total of $20bn in FDI by 2030.


5. Innovation and Research

Building and core institutions for data and AI research and innovation will help the kingdom take the lead in the creation and commercialization of innovative technologies. The country wants to be one of the top 20 in the world for publications using peer-reviewed data and AI.


6. Ecosystem

AI adoption, data simulation, and forward-thinking will provide benefits to private and public sectors and ensure the acceleration of industry application and commercialization based on data and AI.


Role of SDAIA (Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority) in AI-Driven Economy

SDAIA (the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority) aims to create an AI-driven economy and wants to make Saudi Arabia one of the most technologically advanced nations. SDAIA manages the latest governmental clouds, supports 140 governmental entities, and offers 35 different cloud services. 

It wants to build AI models that can assist in the detection of pollution visually. We aim to make Saudi Arabia one of the smartest countries worldwide,” SDAIA concluded.

Role of SDAIA


Alareeb ICT’s Contribution in Digital Transformation in the KSA

Alareeb ICT  is part of the digital transformation industry in the KSA and as a leading agency in the region, Alareeb ICT leverages the latest digital technologies, including focusing on artificial intelligence, open metaverse, cloud computing, and others to fulfill the needs of customers and business expectations.


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