Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in Saudi Arabia in 2022

The process of using digital technologies with the purpose of creating new or existing cultures, business processes, and customer experiences is called digital transformation. It helps companies focus on their changing business requirements and lets them meet their unique market goals. 

If you visit our site for the first time, you need to know that the experts at Alareeb ICT compiled the list of the top 10 digital transformation trends in 2021 in Saudi Arabia, including the switch to 5G, AI & machine learning and adoption in food and beverage industries, digital-first customer service, automation 360 to unlock success, online learning and digital payments, better cyber security through cloud-based networks, drones in oil & gas sector, 3D printing in the manufacturing sector, digital/online scheduling for healthcare practices, and intelligent experience.

These trends are still followed by our company to avoid human errors, reduce cost, increase productivity, and provide a great experience to customers. Readers who are already aware of 10 digital transformation trends for 2021 can have a look at Alareeb’s new list of the Top 10 digital transformation trends in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Top 10 Trends of Digital Transformation in 2022 in Saudi Arabia

1. Intelligent Search 

Intelligent search is also called AI search and cognitive search. It aims to remove data silos and assist customers and employees in finding the information they need easily and quickly. Moreover, intelligent search allows end-users to extract information from anywhere and data sets such as document management systems, web pages, digital content, big data in databases, or from paper.

Intelligent Search

What’s the Difference Between Intelligent Search and Traditional Search Engines?

Intelligent search can provide you with the right search query results because it leverages a wide range of technologies, from machine Learning to natural language to understand users’ needs. The goal of an intelligent search is to help users get what they want from search engines.

Intelligent search is based on artificial intelligence and provides tools to understand human language and learn document structure. It uses deep learning and machine learning to provide immediate query suggestions to users and concentrates on providing accurate and relevant search query results. It also uses search filters to find particular information in data sets and organizes data elements into predefined categories such as products, the names of persons, organizations, or object types.

On the other hand, traditional search engines work with a software system to respond to questions like “what are the reasons for delayed delivery?” Yet, they cannot respond to inquiries such as “why is the shipment of our new product delayed?”

2. Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is another trend introduced by the digital transformation industry. It is a flexible work model that allows employees to work remotely, from the office, or anywhere they like. Similarly, the hybrid work model is the best option for workers because they can have the freedom to work when they feel more productive.

The remote work culture or the work-from-home strategy was adopted at the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 came all over the world and when governments gave companies orders to embrace the remote work environment. Apart from that, some businesses have considered low-code and no-code technologies to avoid manual work with automation.

Many CIOs have made their apps modernized and support their team to be agile at the workplace. Also, they are utilizing automation and public clouds, which may come under AI solutions to secure users’ data, be productive and save time. If you also want to adopt one of the best digital transformation trends in 2022, you can think about a hybrid work model to bring change to your company. Also, you can leverage agile collaboration tools or project management tools like Asana, Trello, Atlassian Jira, Pivotal Tracker, and many others to boost your performance.

3. Machine Learning and AIOPs

The term AIOPs is defined as artificial intelligence for IT operations. It is the application of artificial intelligence and similar technologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning to conventional IT Ops tasks and activities.

With the help of telemetry and IT data that is analyzed through algorithms, AIOps helps DevOps, IT Ops, and SRE teams work faster and smarter, which means it is possible to identify and resolve digital-service issues with AIOPs.

Thus, AIOPs are another one of the best Saudi digital transformation trends because it supports operation teams to handle complexity while producing vast amounts of data based on their modern IT environments. It helps maintain uptime, protect outages, and acquire consistent service assurance.

Furthermore, organizations can use AIOps tools such as Moogsoft, Instana, Splunk, Datadog, BigPanda, AppDynamics, ScienceLogic, Mosaic AIOps, and Watson AIOPs to Zenoss to run modern business at a good speed, and companies can ensure about a fantastic user experience.

Companies can centralize their services and solutions using AIOps tools and at the time of setting up their business process according to the data.

4. Customer Data Platforms

Customer data platforms or CDPs are software that helps collect and organize first-party consumer data from various sources, including behavioral data, demographic data, and transactional data. These platforms aid in analyzing, monitoring, and managing customer interactions.

A CDP (customer data platform) is crafted for marketing purposes and helps marketers to create campaigns based on their personalized and targeted markets.

Customer data platforms

Role of a Customer Data Platform

As you know, customers interact with businesses through several channels and ways. Therefore, the role of a CDP is to ingest first-party data or pieces of information that your customers left while interacting with your channels.

After ingesting the first-party data, a CDP can simplify and transform this data into an accurate and a single consistent customer profile. The next step is to reformat the profile data using a wide array of marketing systems and processes, such as marketing automation, analytics, CRM, A/B testing, personalization, content creation, or social media outreach.

5. Integrating DevOps, Agile, and ITSM (IT services management) Platforms

 At Alareeb ICT, we are following another digital transformation trend, which is the integration of Agile, ITSM, and DevOps platforms. These platforms help us deliver satisfactory services to our clients and modernize agile workflow with integration and automation.

You need to know that the best practices of DevOps include continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging, and improved collaboration and communication. Many DevOps tools are available online for teams to deliver services and applications at high velocity. Speed, rapid delivery, security, reliability, and improved collaboration are some of the benefits of DevOps. Thus, implementing DevOps as your digital transformation trend can become beneficial for your company.

Whereas the process of designing, delivering, managing, and enhancing IT services is IT service management or ITSM. The main focus is given to the alignment of IT services and processes with business objectives that help companies grow.

6. Total Experience

Total experience (TE) can be a key driver of trends in digital transformation in 2022 because it is a blend of all employee and customer channels, including physical channels such as call centers and retail stores and digital channels such as mobile apps and websites.

In order to provide an overall great experience, businesses must understand their customers as well their needs. Also, they should use the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality to customize their services and products.

Providing an excellent customer experience is important, mainly if you want to succeed in your business. Accordingly, we believe one of the top digital transformation trends in 2022 that customers and organizations should consider is a total experience, a strategy to provide outstanding shared experiences by integrating the customer experience, the user experience, the staff experience, and multi experiences.

Total Experience

7. Hyper Automation

The expansion of automation is called hyper automation, which aims to automate IT and business processes using a disciplined approach. It involves multiple technologies, from machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and no-code/low-code, event-driven software architecture to business process management. 

8. XaaS (Everything as a Service)

Organizations need faster, better, and newer software and hardware to satisfy customer and employee needs. Consequently, using Xaas (Everything-as-a-service) as the latest digital transformation is the right option because it is anything as a service and a broad category of cloud-based solutions that can be implemented remotely and can be accessed at any time.

With XaaS, businesses can lower operational expenses, acquire new and cutting-edge technologies, and get more control over their IT infrastructure.

9. Metaverse

Metaverse is a digital platform and a business place for many industries. It is a virtual and shared space that users can access through the internet. Similarly, it is an online environment where users can interact with shared digital content. Moreover, the metaverse has the ability to transform any real-life aspect into a virtual aspect.

Metaverse is an open platform that is accessible to everyone. The purpose of the open metaverse is to build a virtual world where anyone can be present, regardless of their platform preferences. However, the closed metaverse is only accessible to organizations and employees of the company, which means it is restricted to the public. For example, Coca-Cola has its own metaverse called Coca-Cola World that can only be used by coca-cola employees. Make sure metaverse is not a digital transformation trend, but it has capabilities to expand digital transformation strategies.


10. AR Cloud

It is the world’s digital twin that can provide services and data according to the user’s surroundings. It is a 3D digital copy that can be accessible by any user from any location, device and as per different time zones.

Businesses like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google to other companies are investing in this technology because the success of AR cloud depends on 5G networks and their maturity. Thus, you can expect AR cloud in the list of digital transformation trends.


Above, we have curated the list of the top 10 digital transformation trends in Saudi Arabia in 2022. These trends and technologies can be used by IT industries, tech companies, or IT departments along with tools to help firms build the future with automation, innovation, digitalization, and modernization.

Hence, we can say that Saudi Arabia can make a big leap in digital transformation, and it can become the leader of the digital economy due to the adoption of emerging technologies. Some of the trends we have mentioned above to help you excel in competition and meet your market needs.

Recently, Saudi Arabia hosted the second edition of the Global AI Summit from 13 to 15 September 2022 in Riyadh with titled “artificial intelligence for the good of humanity.” The Saudi authority for data and artificial intelligence took the initiative to organize this summit/conference at the King Abdulaziz international conference center. The goal was to find solutions to maximize the use of AI technologies and address current challenges. So, AI-driven digital transformation can help businesses perform better and deliver top results.

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