10 Must-Have Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia

If you are based in Saudi Arabia, you may know that the total number of internet users increased by 1.3 million between 2020 and 2021. Approximately 35.59 people live in Saudi Arabia and have a range of mobile connections that they use to access data as well as cloud-based applications. Similarly, in order to take access to products, information, processes, and services, it becomes necessary to download and install some mobile applications.

Are you planning to create a mobile applications strategy? You need to check out 10 must-have mobile apps in Saudi Arabia. With these applications, you can get an idea of different mobile applications that work in the country and create a similar clone if you also want to move your offline business online.


10 Most Popular Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia


Eatmarna App

The Eatmarna application is the most popular app used in Saudi Arabia to book an Umrah appointment. The application ensures a safe and spiritual atmosphere and performs the health verification of visitors. With this app

  • One can take permission to pray in Masjid-al-Haram, Makkah. 
  • Women can pray in the Riyaj ul Jannah.
  • Men can make an appointment to visit the Roda Rasool.Eatmarna

Where Can I Download the Eatmarna App?

There are two ways to download the Eatmarna application for free. You can either visit or open Google Play Store or go directly to the App Store to find and download the application in just a few seconds. Remember that this application provides a family sharing feature to up to six family members, which means if any family has six members, they can create a single account in the eatmarna application to get an entry permit for the two holy mosques. 

What Are the Steps to Add Children/Wives to the Eatmarna App?

If you are above 18 years and interested in taking any permit for your children and wife, you need to follow the 3 step process to add them to the eatmarna application.

  1. Visit the Absher official website and log in to the Absher account.
  2. Click/tap on the Services option under My Services.
  3. Choose “General Services”.
  4. Register a mobile number for Tawakkalna.
  5. Click on the “Next” button. 
  6. Enter the Border Number or Iqama Number.
  7. Choose Gregorian as your calendar type. 
  8. Choose the Date of Birth based on the Iqama. 
  9. Enter a new “Mobile Number”. Make sure this number should not be registered with Absher before. 
  10. Click and agree on terms and conditions and tap on the Next button.

After following the above steps, register your children and wife in the Tawakkalna application, but before that, you may need to create separate accounts.

Now you need to open the eatmarna application and click on the

  • Umrah appointment
  • Add companion
  • Enter Iqama Number and Date of Birth
  • Click on Add button/option 
  • After that, you can check the added children/wife in the eatmarna application. 



Are you looking for mobile application development services? You can create an app like Tawakkalna, which is another must-have mobile application in Saudi Arabia to get entry to offices, shopping centers, or malls.

Another reason for developing the Tawakkalna app by the Saudi Arabia government is to help residents and Saudi citizens navigate the pandemic in their day-to-day lives. During the curfew period, both private sector employees and government and individuals used this application to minimize the pandemic spread in the kingdom.


Who Is Allowed to Register in the Tawakkalna App?

Below is the list of people who are allowed to register in the Tawakkalna application.

  • GCC citizens with their GCC card number. 
  • Expat workers with Huroob. 
  • Saudi residents with expired Iqama. 
  • Iqama holders with their iqama number. 
  • Visit visa holders with their passport numbers.

What Is the Process to Register in the Tawakkalna App With or Without Absher?

If you already have an Absher account, you can find the registration process quite simple.

  • Download the Tawakkalna application from iTunes or PlayStore. 
  • Open the application and click/tap on “Sign Up”.
  • Choose “Resident/Citizen”.
  • Enter your Date of Birth and Iqama number, and click on “Next”.
  • Enter the code that you receive to your mobile number. 
  • Create a password. 
  • Choose your residence location. 
  • Obtain answers to some health-related questions.

If you are done with the above steps, we would like to congratulate you and inform you that you have successfully registered yourself with the Tawakkalna app.

Tawakkalna Registration Process Without Absher

The process to register in the Tawakkalna application without Absher is given below: 

If you are an existing Tawakkalna user or an Absher account holder, you need to verify the mobile number, the number that you want to use for registration in the Tawakkalna app. 

After that, the dependent or person can create an account with the Tawakkalna app and follow the registration process that is mentioned above.


Absher provides eServices to individuals and ensures that users can safely browse the application and communicate without losing their privacy.


Who Can Create an Absher Account?

All dependents of expats, including iqama holders and visit visa holders can create an Absher account and register in the app and activate it.

Important Note: Recently, Jawazat has allowed GCC nationals, Iqama holders, and visit visa holders to register with Absher.

Steps for Absher Account Registration

  • Visit https://www.absher.sa/
  • Choose or Click on “Individuals”.
  • Choose “English” language.
  • Click on the New User icon.

Enter the following details by filling out the Absher account registration form on the next page. 

  • Identification number: border number for visitors and Iqama number for expats. 
  • Saudi mobile number
  • Enter username in English
  • Password
  • Enter email address 
  • Choose English as your preferred language
  • Enter image code
  • Tick/check the box to confirm the terms and conditions.
  • Tap on “Next” to register in the account. 
  • Enter the verification code that you may receive on your mobile.

absher Registration online

If you are done with all steps, you have successfully created the Absher account. 

What Are the Different Methods to Activate an Absher Account?

There are various ways to activate an Absher account after registration. Some of them are as follows:

Self-service activation machines 

There are over 420 Absher registration machines that you can use in Saudi Arabia, and these machines can be placed in government offices and shopping malls to activate the account.

  • Find the nearest self-service activation machine.
  • Choose “English” language. 
  • Enter the Iqama number. 
  • Scan your fingerprints. 
  • Enter the registered mobile number with Absher. 
  • Enter the code that you receive on your mobile.

Visit Jawazat Office

To visit any Jawazat office in the kingdom, you need to book an appointment with Jawazat and their service.

  • Activate the cell phone number of the Absher account. 
  • Check out the designated window. 
  • Provide your UserID and Iqama.
  • The officer will help you to activate the Absher account faster.

You can also visit any bank like NCB bank, Samba bank, AL Rajhi bank, or other banks to activate the Absher account without fingerprints.


Mada Pay

It is an Android-based mobile application that allows users to add their credit cards and debit cards. Mada represents the next phase of electronic payments in Saudi Arabia, and its purpose is to boost POS and ATM growth by providing unparalleled levels of speed, flexibility, acceptability, and security.


What Are the Steps to Link Your Visa Card to the Mada Pay Wallet App?

  • Go to the Google Store on your Android device and download the Mada Pay app.
  • You may get some instructions that you need to follow on the Mada Pay application.
  • Confirm your bank. For this, you may need to wait for a few minutes.
  • Once you are done, you can easily use your phone to pay with the Mada Pay Wallet app.


Najim Application

To report the accident details, you can consider Najim’s application in Saudi Arabia. With this app, one can submit claims to the insurance company and get an estimation for vehicle damages.




Make all your financial transactions with STC Pay, an integrated digital wallet that helps you receive, transfer, manage, and purchase your spending. Apart from that, the app is useful for sharing group expenses with your contact list and promises to improve your current socio-financial to present solutions behaviours.

What Facilities Can I Get With the STC Pay?

With the STC Pay, you can get the following facilities:

  • Recharge your STC prepaid lines and pay your STC postpaid bills. 
  • Send money to your family and friends by using the STC pay accounts, or you can send money internationally. 
  • Pay your water and electricity bills, Menatelecom bills, and OSN bills, and consider international credit transfer. 
  • Withdraw your money without a debit card, but you may need to use any NBB ATM in Bahrain. 
  • Use STC pay virtual prepaid mastercard from NEC payments to shop everything and anything online. 
  • Purchase at participating merchants.
  • Add money at any of the 850+ SADAD Kiosks in Bahrain, or add money to your STC pay account using your debit card.

STC pay


Sehhaty App

The purpose of the Sehhaty app is to offer health services to the residents of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it also helps users obtain medical eServices information and other health details given by different health institutions/organizations in the Kingdom.

What Is the Support Email ID of the Sehhati App?

[email protected] is the support email id of the Sehhati application. If you are facing any issue with the Sehhati app, you can send an email on the given address and seek assistance from the Sehhaty app support team with your mobile number, relevant screenshots (if any), and problem statement. 

What Is the Best Way to Talk With the Sehhaty App Customer Care Executives?

  • Open the Sehhaty application and then the menu.
  • Tap on Help/Customer Support/Chat or Contact Us button. 
  • Choose the Category that you need in order to get help.



Google Maps 

Google Maps is a fantastic tool and widely used application in Saudi Arabia that aims to make navigation and traveling easy. It provides real-time updates and helps users reach their location with the fastest routes.

You may be glad to know that Google Maps is a free app of Google that you can use to get directions. Make sure the app is free, but your mobile service provider charges you when you use the application via the data connection. 


Mawid App

The Saudi Ministry of Health has designed an application, namely Mawid, with the purpose of allowing patients to book their appointments at primary health care centers and manage their referral appointments. 

What Are the Steps to Make an Appointment in Mawid?

  • On your smartphone, download the Mawid application.
  • Visit the portal and call the 937-service center.
  • Visit the healthcare center and book a direct appointment.


AL Kahraba App

The Saudi Electricity Company allows users to see their payment history and view their electricity bills. This application can also use to access the different services:

  • Billed amount graph
  • Consumption graph
  • Instalment plan
  • Billing requests
  • Hasibati
  • Messages center
  • Surveys
  • Alkahraba friend
  • Hesabi (Move in/out, declare property) and more.



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