Alareeb ICT Digital eBook: Focus on Web and Mobile App

Alareeb ICT Digital eBook: Focus on Web and Mobile App

Mobile and web applications will be the most used tools in 2022 and coming years because around 19.3 million people are online shoppers in Saudi Arabia. Thus, the people who are planning to move their offline businesses to online should choose the top mobile/web app service provider and app development companies. The reason to select experts in the Arab world is the technical support you will require to complete your mobile/web application development project.

Another benefit of choosing mobility experts and website app development companies is that they can help you create effective mobile/web applications strategy as per your organizational goals and requirements.

Also, it becomes easy for you to develop a business model that includes comprehensive market research, your targeted audience, the information of your products and services, and any anticipated expenses. Other than this, you can know how the customer’s problems will be solved with your mobile/web app and how it will help you generate a profitable business.


Which Is Better – Mobile or Web Application?

The demand for both mobile and web apps has been increasing at a rapid pace. But, one of the most challenging tasks that organizations face today is choosing the right medium to reach target customers. The reason can be budget, or they don’t know exactly the difference between them.

If you are also confused between the development of a mobile and a web application, you should first know the difference between both of them as it can help you make the right decision for your business. Plus, it will allow you to create the application for the right platform.

Mobile Apps versus Web Apps


Mobile Apps versus Web Apps

Mobile applications are designed to use on smartphones, tablets, and other small touch-based devices. For this, users can download and install the app through the Windows Store (Windows), Google Play (Android), or Apple (iOS).

On the other hand, web applications require a web browser with an active internet connection to perform the tasks. Web apps can also be mobile-friendly and serve different purposes.

Yet, you need to understand that the mobile applications that are designed for games, utilities, transportation, or many other businesses satisfy the regular needs of most customers.

Whereas website applications are less portable, mainly the apps like QR payments, instant taxi booking, and handheld games make the website difficult to access because these web-based activities require a good internet connection to perform most of the tasks.

Thus, if you want to keep your business up with trends and wish to meet your users’ growing demands, creating a mobile application in Saudi Arabia can become the right decision for you. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people use smartphones and consider online services, which means the future of mobile is the future of everything. Mobile apps are the most useful forms of performance support today.


What Makes Mobile/Web Application Development Successful

When you develop a mobile/web app from scratch, it becomes crucial to create a strategy. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to succeed in business.

That’s why we at Alareeb ICT recommend a well-thought and fully-researched mobile / website application strategy before starting the actual development process.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, startup, or developer, you need to understand that the application development strategy is something that will teach you what the app contains and how it will help you resolve the daily life problems of your customers/users.

Web/Mobile app strategy


Based on your product type, you can include the following elements in your strategy:

1. Vision

It is the complete idea of your end-product. You will get the answers to who and why the app is designed and what the application will look like after the launch.


2. Technologies used

Different browsers, programming languages, frameworks, databases, protocols, and APIs, including HTML and CSS, are used for web application development. But, the technology that is highly used for mobile app development is the cloud, which has various benefits in comparison to traditional tools. For example, you can have assurance for standardization, agility, flexibility and get cost-saving benefits with mobile application development.


3. Implementation Plan

It is the list of practical steps that will help you know how the project will execute from start to end.


4. Practical Goals

It is the objective that will be achieved after the successful execution of your project, and this goal is measured through concrete metrics. 


5. Initiative & Features

Interactive themes will be suggested and implemented in the end-product. Also, certain features from simplicity, good image resolution, speed, security, search options, flexibility, bold & bright color schemes, and push notifications can be involved in an application because these features allow users to gather information, complete transactions, and contact your business experts with ease. 


6. Timeframes

You can set the provisional or fixed timeline in your strategy in order to deliver the complete product with its unique features. 


You may know now that an ideal mobile/web application development process should include a robust API management strategy with a comprehensive knowledge of your specific market and users to make the product a good fit for your business. 


Why Choose Alareeb ICT for Mobile & Web App Strategies & Development?

Alareeb ICT is a professional service provider in the field of digital transformation, digital marketing, web & mobile application. We are based in Saudi Arabia and assist many governmental organizations and companies by creating an effective mobile application development plan for their organization. With our experts, you can design and develop a mobile app business strategy and ensure to improve your brand image.

Choose Alareeb ICT for Mobile/Web App Strategies and Development


Being one of the best IT companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we offer different types of mobile application development services for various platforms. Our mobile app developers have around a decade of experience in building solutions from native mobile app development, hybrid mobile app development, wearables, and embedded software to progressive web app development.

Some of the enterprises we served in the Gulf States are finance, petrochemicals, car dealerships, telecommunications, FMCG, and more.

Our experts have a unique understanding of the geographic area in Saudi Arabia where we are based, and we acknowledge the subtle cultural expectations and norms so that you can easily fulfill the requirements of your business and customers. Apart from this, we offer 100% flexibility for our range of services and ensure to drive profitable business growth.


Need expert assistance for your mobile / web application project?

Reach out to Alareeb ICT and discuss your mobile/web app project needs with our tech ninjas, who have about 10 years of experience in developing a well-designed app strategy as per the right mobile/web app solution.

We also assure to increase the downloads of your app so that you can generate maximum revenue in your business.

To create an immediate web and mobile application strategy plan, you can book a consultation call with us, or you can check out part 3 of the Alareeb ICT digital eBook that will help you gain knowledge about mobile and web apps in detail and help you know how Alareeb ICT has become the best mobile & web application development company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


If you want to receive more information on digital marketing and know how Alareeb ICT has become one of the best digital marketing companies in the Arab world,  click on the image below and download a copy of our eBook today compiled by the experts at Alareeb ICT. 

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