Top 10 Mobile Apps for Online Banking in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Online Banking in Saudi Arabia

The top banks that offer mobile-based and digital banking in Saudi Arabia include AI Rajhi bank, the National Commercial Bank (AL Ahli Bank), Riyad Bank, Emirates NBD, Samba Bank, Gulf International Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and more. With mobile banking in Saudi Arabia, it becomes easy for customers to perform a range of transactions. Also, whether you are planning to access the application via a tablet or a smartphone, the following features can be provided in the app:

  • The app helps transfer money to accounts within the same bank
  • Suitable for transferring money to international banks
  • Allow transfer money to other banks in Saudi Arabia
  • Helps you request a new payment card and access statements for several bank accounts 
  • Helps in paying bills to Mobily, Saudi Electricity Company, and other utility providers
  • Payment scheduling and repayments 
  • Loan facility and provides contact assistance to banking agents.

According to Statista, Saudi Telecom’s STC Pay Wallet is projected to grow its position in the domestic market from 2020 to 2025. Similarly, the largest telecom operator has a digital payment segment in Saudi Arabia and got its digital banking license in 2021. You need to know that around 94 percent of people in Saudi adopted contactless payments. It means the trend of depositing and receiving payments through a mobile app is new in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi Central Bank, contactless payments will become most important to complete secure transactions in a few seconds. Besides, there are over 50+ live apps published on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Find out the most popular apps that are used in the banking industry to transfer money online and offer other financial services below to guide you.


Top 10 Mobile Apps for Online Banking in Saudi Arabia


1. SABBMobile

SABBMobile is the mobile banking application of Saudi British Bank, and it is also referred to as the one-stop solution to transfer funds, pay your bills, manage your finances, and enjoy many other services within the app. It also has an interactive dashboard to satisfy all your personal banking needs. Plus, it includes an account dashboard in which you can view all your transactions, access your statements, and share your IBAN. To help you gain many benefits from the services, the SABBMobile app offers a variety of services in the app.


For example, the purpose of account services is to view and manage your accounts. With the help of account services, one can even get notifications about credit card transactions and manage debit cards and credit cards with ease.


    • Add, manage, and activate beneficiaries
    • Perform local and international transfers
    • Transfer funds between your SABB accounts and other accounts.

Bill Payment

    • Bulk bill payment
    • Add and manage your bills
    • Government bills and one-time bill payments allow you to pay your bills through SADAD.


2. SNB AlAhli Mobile 

SNB AlAhli Mobile is another mobile application of the Saudi National bank that aims to provide the best digital experience to the clients and ensure that there is no need to visit a branch to take banking services. One can easily carry out digital interactions with the bank anytime and anywhere.

Some of the services offered by this banking industry in the AlAhli Mobile app are as follows: 


    • Helps you check accounts balances and inquire about your transactions
    • Provides details by amount or period
    • Helps you obtain eStatement via email id. 
    • One can request a cheque book and obtain IBAN through SMS or another way given in the app. 
    • Re-issue and cancel the SNB Mada MasterCard, and easy to make changes in the purchase limit of your card 
    • The app allows you to add a beneficiary for international payments via AlAhliOnline and AlahliMobile and makes it easy to transfer money online. 


    • This feature is suitable for managing beneficiaries with three options (add, cancel, and modify)
    • Helps you transfer the money between customer’s accounts with Local, SNB, and international banks
    • Gifts and endowments 
    • Includes QuickPay Transfers and enables you to add beneficiaries and know your transaction history and status).

Credit Cards 

    • Credit card eStatement 
    • Cash advance 
    • Apply for credit cards, prepaid cards, and activate cards
    • View credit card pin and reassign credit card pin
    • Track your credit card delivery, and more.


3. Urpay

It is a digital wallet that contains different payment methods and helps you get plenty of financial services to make your life effortless. With this wallet, you can freely pay your bills online and transfer amounts to both local and international accounts. You also need to know that Urpay is the leading technology introduced by the financial company to help individuals get a unique experience for all kinds of payments and remittances.

Some of the featured services are: 

International Transfers

For international transfers, the charges are very less in order to transfer through global banks and specialized companies.

QR Payment

This application allows you to use the QR code to pay for your purchases directly or enables you to receive payments.


4. Alrajhi Bank

Alrajhi bank is the Saudi Arabian bank that has the #1 online banking with approximately 5 million customers. Due to the great exchange rates, the banking app of Alrajhi bank helps you send money to any country at any time, and it can easily link with most of the payment services. Moreover, you can use the “Financial Positions” in the dashboard to check out the summary/details of your accounts.

Alrajhi Bank

Other features are:

    • Apply for new products 
    • Accounts, finances, and cards 
    • IPO investments 
    • Customer support/help center 


5. STC Pay

It becomes easy to make all your financial transactions with STC Pay, an integrated digital wallet that ensures effortless and secure transactions in one app. With this digital wallet, you can easily share group expenses with your contact list and transfer, purchase, receive and manage your spending.

Features of Stc Pay are as follow:

    • Protected Purchases

Whether you are planning to buy any product from stores or want to give orders to restaurants, the application allows you to pay for your purchases with maximum protection, or you can perform transactions via QR code.

    • Transfer to Local Banks

If you are based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can transfer money to any bank account without any hassle.

    • Cardless ATM Withdrawal

Withdraw money from ATMs without cards and by using your mobile device.

    • Sawa Recharge & STC Bills Settlement

Recharge any SAWA prepaid card and pay your STC bills. 


6. Alinma Bank

From financing calculator, currency exchange calculator, Alinma virtual cards to descriptions of bank products, Alinma bank offers multiple services in its one single application. It ensures easy accounts management and helps you conduct secure financial transactions.

Alinma Bank

Features of the Alinma bank application are:

    • List of cards 
    • List of accounts 
    • Accounts transactions 
    • Account balances 
    • New card requests 
    • Hide/show account balances in the dashboard
    • Account QR code sharing 
    • Traveler card wallet fees and details 
    • List of credit cards with payment options.


7. Enjaz App

When it comes to transferring internationally and having Enjaz digital membership, the Enjaz app promises to provide money transfer services and other banking services such as activating and adding new beneficiaries and lets the people pay the amount with the help of any Mada card.

Enjaz App

Discover the features of the Enjaz app below:

    • Currency converter 
    • Remittance Calculator
    • Support several languages, such as English, Arabic, Tagalog, Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, Indonesian and Bengali
    • Instant money transfer via “Tranfast” or “Western Union” or “Enjaz Easy” service 
    • Prepaid recharge mobile and pay utility bills via SADAD
    • Enjaz centers locator 
    • Change Enjaz card pin and stop Enjaz card 
    • Sign up for Enjaz digital membership and get a digital Enjaz card 
    • Check your Enjaz transactions and card balance 
    • Activating, adding, maintaining beneficiaries 
    • Create the “IBAN” account number to fund your Enjaz Card.


8. AlJazira SMART

Aljazira Smart is a mobile application for online banking with numerous features and an interactive interface to make it easy for consumers to get the best experience.

AlJazira SMART

Some of the smart features and services include:

    • The mobile application’s UI (user interface) has a segmented view, a new and modern interface, and provides compatibility with all Android devices. 
    • There are numerous ways to log in to the app, such as login using biometrics, mobile PIN, and quick login feature.
    • Accounts services include cheque book requests, account summary, stamped e-Statement, accounts configurations, stolen cheque book or report lost.
    • Mada card services include debit cards summary, set debit card pin, and linking the card to other accounts.

For more information, click on this link.


9. PhonePe

The most popular application all over the world is PhonePe, which allows you to use a credit card, BHIM UPI, wallet, or debit card to pay all your utility bills and recharge your mobile phone. With the help of PhonePe, you can buy insurance plans, invest in mutual funds, and make payments at your online and offline stores.


Things one can do on the PhonePe app are:

    • UPI payment, bank transfer, money transfer 
    • Bill payment
    • DTH, Recharge mobile
    • Investments, mutual funds
    • Buy PhonePe gift cards 
    • Make offline and online payments 
    • Refunds management 
    • Permissions for app and reasons 
    • Buy or renew insurance policies.


10. SNB eCorp

SNB eCorp is the award-winning application designed by the Saudi National Bank for institutions and corporates, especially for those who want to run business transactions digitally and get a range of specialized banking solutions to satisfy their unique needs. Some of the important features of SNB eCorp are as follow:

    • SADAD government payments & SADAD bill
    • Remittances 
    • Account statements & balances 
    • Update ID expiry date & national address
    • Corporate card management (show pin, inquiry, and card payments)
    • Aramco payments 
    • Approve transactions 
    • Apply for 100% cash (letter of guarantees)
    • Beneficiary management (adding or deleting)
    • SADAD inquiry and bill payment management
    • Issue Mada Card and get a print via self-service kiosk.

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