10 Tips to Promote Your Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

10 Tips to Promote Your Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

Are you feeling difficulty while promoting your mobile application? Also, are you curious to know how top mobile apps rank higher in Saudi Arabia? Well, you may know there are many ways to improve your application’s ranking on Google Play Store and App Store.

Some of the tips that people consider for their app’s ranking are as follow:

  • Give importance to the app title
  • Focus on keyword research and app description
  • Use keywords in the app’s title
  • A professional touch requires to produce a good design
  • Optimize your app’s title and description
  • Nail the naming conventions.
  • Retention and engagement 
  • Know your competition
  • Create brand credibility with reviews 
  • Understand your users and app stores 
  • Update and upgrade your app
  • Promotion.


How to Promote Mobile Apps?

As you know, competition is fierce, and according to global statistics, around 1.83 billion mobile apps download in the KSA. Similarly, over 2.9 million and 4.3 million apps are available in both Google Play Store and the App Store. In this case, if you are planning for your mobile app promotion, you need to consider the top 10 tips that are specially mentioned to help you promote your mobile app in Saudi Arabia


1. Explain your Landing Page 

It is a standalone page of your website in which the person lands after clicking on any digital location or email id. You need to understand that landing pages are suitable for generating more traffic. It means the landing page of your site should be clear and simple.

Also, you should mention the crisp introduction of your app to help users know what your app does. In order to get the best landing page example, you can explore some companies, such as HubSpot, Alareeb ICT, MailChimp, Shopify, Optimizely, GetResponse, and many others. Make sure the great landing page copy is the one that includes customer testimonials, a killer headline, user-specific content, A/B testing, some benefits, and allows readers to take action.



2. Build a Complete Online Website 

Having a website means having an assurance that the searches of your app will improve on Bing, Google, and other various search engines. You may be glad to know that a mobile app website is also known as an efficient promotional tool that you can leverage to create a good impression on your customers. Many people believe that having one thing is enough. It means one can either have a website or an app. However, having both things allows you to experience more business growth. If it is a matter of a website, we can say that it is the companion for any mobile application.

On the app, you give limited content, but an app’s website allows you to provide sufficient information about your app. If you have noticed the top mobile apps in KSA, then you may know that the apps like Kwai, Absher, Alrajhi bank, Facebook lite, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others have their own website. With a website, companies can attract users to sell their products. They can know the audience’s interest before releasing the app and encourage them to install your product. On the other hand, if you are looking for a technology partner, you can talk with us because we have a mobile applications strategy and ensure to fulfill your unique requirements and your company’s goals. 


3. Use Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps

Social media is becoming more popular these days. Similarly, social media app marketing is one of the crucial factors in achieving success in the user acquisition strategy. Furthermore, it is a form of digital marketing that helps social media networks become famous and help you to achieve both branding and marketing goals. Make sure that social media marketing is not about business account creation. It also requires an effective strategy with some goals, like:

  • Profile optimization and maintenance
  • Posting images, stories, and live videos that attract a targeted audience and represent your brand
  • Responding to likes, shares, and comments and increasing your brand reputation.
  • Engaging with followers, influencers, and customers to develop a community across your brand. 

The above lines depict that one of the best ways for mobile app promotion is social media, and there are two ways to connect with your customers via social networks – organic and paid.

Social media marketing


4. ASO (App Store Optimization)

The process of optimizing mobile apps in order to help them rank higher in the app’s store search results is App store optimization. You need to know that it is crucial to obtain a higher rank in the search results of an app store. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to get more visibility and potential customers.

To optimize the app store, following are the factors you need to keep in your mind:

  • The name of your app: Make sure it should be unique and easy to find by your audience.
  • Keywords: Keywords play a critical role in the search’s algorithm, especially the long-tail keywords because their competition is less and attract more users with a high potential value.
  • App’s Description: The description should be clearly defined to increase the app’s value, and it should be updated after some time.
  • Ratings: You must collect positive reviews from your past or current users to increase downloads and improve your app’s credibility.
  • Video/Screenshots: Do you have a video tutorial or screenshots to outline the app core’s highlights. If not, you should consider this feature as your mobile app strategy in Saudi Arabia because it will help your viewer know that your app is designed by professionals and is easy to understand. 


5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is necessary for building relationships with current customers, leads, prospects, and even past customers. It allows marketers to communicate with customers on a regular basis and help them notify their customers regarding special deals, discounts, and offers.

You also need to know that email marketing is more effective than social media marketing because every user can receive emails from you in their inbox and allow your audience to purchase from their laptops or phones. 


6. Search Ads

Search ads are the paid advertisement option introduced by Apple for the app store. With this option, you can include relevant keywords and bid for them because this trick will allow users to search for your app via a particular term and make it easy for your application to appear in the first position.

You may know that the conversion rate of Apple search ads is 50%, which means this mobile application strategy also focuses on your app’s performance.



7. Consider Influencer Marketing to Grow a Wider Audience

If you are looking for ways to promote your mobile app in Saudi Arabia, influencer marketing is the best strategy to promote your business products and services by partnering with bloggers and other people available on social media.

Influencers usually have more connections/followers that brands can find helpful to drive sales and build credibility. 


8. Set Up a Referral Program for Previous App Users

As mentioned above, marketing is the word-of-mouth way to promote your mobile app. Similarly, referral marketing is a suitable tactic for promoting mobile apps, mainly when hundreds of thousands of apps are introduced in stores every day.

Undoubtedly, many businesses are running in-app referral campaigns. However, it is incredibly challenging to be successful such as Uber, Dropbox, or Airbnb. In order to know more about this, you need to know that a referral program is a cooperation type in which a company attracts new customers by paying any amount to their client. Also, many companies organize focus groups and surveys and perform A/B testing as the most profitable strategy for a referral program.

Referral Program


9. In-store/Traditional Advertising

Launch your app like traditional methods, and if you are associated with a retail business and doing your business from a physical location, you can promote your app directly from your store and encourage your customers to download it. For this, you can give your users a free treat such as a free burger or any other thing to make your campaign successful. 


10. Hire a Mobile App Marketing Company

You must have a launch and growth plan to develop your mobile app because numerous apps are available in Google Play and App stores. So, you can find difficulty while ranking your application. Yet, there is no need to worry because you can create a plan from the best mobile app marketing company because it has specialists in the field of digital communication and has a mobile app strategy, including necessary elements to measure the value of your investments and help you get the maximum return.

Do you want to promote your mobile app? You can book a consultation with one of our experts at Alareeb ICT, which is the leading digital marketing company in Saudi Arabia and leverages several strategies in the field of digital marketing for the customers running their businesses in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and GCC countries. You may be glad to know that Osoul has also hired Alareeb ICT to create its digital presence.

After knowing the company’s requirements, the experts at Alareeb ICT offered Osoul a highly cost-effective digital marketing plan, including social media, SEO, and paid ads facility. Besides, our digital marketing plan helped the company gain 60% visitors to its website and attract more people on social media, plus boost the overall company’s revenue. 


To create a customized mobile app strategy in Saudi Arabia that can fit your goals and budget, you can contact us today and download Alareeb ICT eBook that focuses on web and mobile app. We ensure to help you in mobile app promotion and improve your conversion rate.

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