How Alareeb ICT is Evolving in this IT Governance

IT Governance in Saudi Arabia: How Alareeb ICT is Evolving in this High Demand Sector

Nowadays, various countries all over the world are focusing on digital transformationSaudi Arabia is one of the nations that has established a clear and determined vision for 2030.

Sectors like health and commerce of both government and private sectors, including education agencies, are working to achieve the 2030 vision of the kingdom.

These sectors also consider the well-prepared and equipped IT (information technology) infrastructure to boost the speed and quality of services provided to people and workers from many sectors, including education, health, and many others.

Despite the benefits of digital transformation, some concerns are needed to raise with IT (information technology) governance services. For example, the security and privacy of clients’ information, the quality of services, and the cost of implementing this transformation. 


What is IT Governance & Why Does It Matter in Saudi Arabia?

IT governance is all about making decisions in a structured and repeatable manner to support organizations’ investments that they use to achieve IT and other company’s strategic goals.

Another definition of IT governance explains that it is an approach used by corporate governance advisory organizations with tools, processes, and methodologies so that organizations can easily align their strategic and business goals with technology like services, programs, infrastructure, etc.

Furthermore, IT governance is a type of corporate governance that focuses on enhancing IT management and maximizing the return on investment in information and technology.

IT Governance


An IT Governance framework enables firms to efficiently manage IT risks and guarantees that information and technology-related activities are aligned with overall business goals.

ISO 38500 is an international standard for IT governance that provides guidelines to governing bodies – and their advisors – on how to use technology in their enterprises so that it can become effective, efficient, and acceptable.

The goal of IT governance is to assure that IT investments will help in generating business values and minimizing IT risks. IT governance also ensures that IT decisions concentrate on:

  • Evaluating and coordinating the organization’s usage of information technology.
  • Monitoring the use of IT to fulfill plans.
  • Using the IT policies and strategies and to accomplish its purpose.
  • Aligning the IT strategy with the organization’s goals.

minimizing IT risks


Why IT/Corporate Governance Matters in Saudi Arabia?

When it comes to data protection, it becomes crucial for the natives of Saudi Arabia to consider IT governance services.

With the help of corporate/IT governance services, organizations can protect themselves, their data, and their customers from the ever-evolving threats of the digital world – whether through toolkits, consultancy, training, or penetration testing.

In Saudi Arabia, the Saudi central bank (SAMA) has issued the IT (information technology) governance framework to operate various financial institutions in the kingdom, including Saudi payments, local banks, and credit information companies. Because this effort ensures that technological resources will be appropriately utilized to improve the financial infrastructure, and it will help minimize IT-related risks.

Thus, if you are looking for help with your implementation or compliance project, you can choose the trusted provider for IT governance in Saudi Arabia because it has practical experience in designing and implementing management systems.

With trusted corporate governance advisory organizations, you can even gain an advantage of their wide range of end-to-end solutions, which means they will help you throughout your project and protect your business from IT risks.

Data Protection


Furthermore, a company that ensures good corporate governance can also provide the following benefits to you and your organizations.

  • Better organisation plans and strategies.
  • Enhanced operational and process efficiency/effectiveness.
  • Improved project management and delivery.
  • Financial and risk management.
  • More prudent regulatory compliance.
  • Improved member and employee/stakeholder communication and engagement flow.
  • Increased agility to which an organization can deliver on its goals and purpose.


A company without governance is like a train with no track. No matter how much effort you put into bringing digital transformation in your company, but if you don’t have the best project management ethics and if you don’t know what it takes to generate value in business, you will surely experience a high failure rate and fail to achieve your business goals.

That’s why it is always recommended to think about effective governance structures because these structures allow organizations to create value through exploration, innovation, and development. Plus, it helps provide control systems and accountability so that organizations can better manage risks and meet their purpose.

company without governance is like a train with no track


How Alareeb ICT is Evolving in this High Demand Sector

At Alareeb ICT, we are known as a corporate governance advisory organization and help corporations develop a corporate IT governance framework in order to manage their IT strategies and help them achieve their strategic objectives.

We also ensure that a corporate IT governance framework has fully complied with international standards.

With extensive experience and practical business strategy, our team assists design specific services to support the organization.

They also help organizations achieve their performance objectives with information technology service management and COBIT, Val IT, and ITIL-based solutions. These solutions and standard IT governance frameworks help drive more value to businesses.


Our Approach

We leverage an integrated approach to implement an IT governance framework by using different standards and frameworks and deliver the results that you need in your business.

Governance Advisory Services


Our Governance Advisory Services Include

  • Service portfolio creation, cost modeling, cost alignment, IT service management operational strategy and funding, IT service management architecture.
  • IT service catalog creation, service modeling, IT service management technology strategy, service modeling, and service infrastructure design. 
  • Process implementation, IT service management solutions, training, and support
  • Strategic recruitment of process owners and service experts
  • Assessment and service evaluation
  • Reporting and risk analysis
  • Shared services implementation
  • Technical delivery management

With these services, you can also obtain the given benefits from our organization:

  • Promise to manage strategic goals and get positive business outcomes 
  • Help your organization survive in a competitive environment 
  • Boost your customer confidence and retain loyalty in your business 
  • Deliver high-profit margins and greater accountability 
  • Improve cost transparency and disclosure
  • Offer access to financial markets and promise to help you get more business.

Being one of the best experts for IT governance services, we perform a 360-degree analysis and identify KPIs (key performance indicators) with dashboard parameters to understand your business needs.

Our IT governance experts also measure essential components such as:

  • IT value delivery
  • All-inclusive IT resource management
  • Performance management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Calculated orientation of IT and business.

The reason for measuring the above components is to improve your present governance systems and allow you to run and protect your organization with cost-effective solutions designed by one of our experts at Alareeb ICT.


Our Specialties

  1. Prepare and deploy IT business alignment initiatives.
  2. Engage in strategic and operational governance processes.
  3. Plan IT strategic and operational initiatives to meet company goals by fostering innovation.
  4. Coordinate, evaluate, and deploy the current and future IT systems across the organization.
  5. Participate in preparing IT departmental goals, objectives, and operating procedures.
  6. Identify opportunities for the cost-effective and appropriate investment of financial resources in IT systems and resources, including sourcing, staffing, purchasing, and in-house development.
  7. Assess and convey risks associated with IT investments.
  8. Develop, track, and control the IT annual capital and operating budgets.
  9. Develop business case justifications and analyze cost/benefits for IT spending and initiatives.
  10. Develop and execute enterprise-wide disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
  11. Driving consistent improvement and managing risk across the life cycle’s development, transition, and operations phases.
  12. Measure and prepare performance reporting 
  13. Measuring the link between the issue and tools, processes or team capabilities in order to address risks.
  14. Manage governance frameworks and perform rectification of audit findings 
  15. Advise on IT areas with the goal of standardization, approaches, and tools.

Our Specialties


Wrapping Up

What are the latest IT risks that have a crucial impact on your business? Do you have an updated risk management plan?

Which approach do you use to get a return on IT investments? How do you set IT performance targets? Do you use technology to align your requirements? What is the expiration date of your technology investments?

Are you familiar with the risks associated with technology projects? Do you have essential structures, processes, mechanisms to enhance the alignment of your IT business?

Let our experts show you the answers to the above questions. Also, if you are looking for IT governance experts in Saudi Arabia, you can contact us today 


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