How ALAREEB ICT Provides Premium IT Governance Services in Saudi Arabia

How ALAREEB ICT Provides Premium IT Governance Services in Saudi Arabia

IT governance is a part of corporate governance that has an aim to enhance the entire IT management and helps generate value from whatever you invest in information and technology. On the other hand, IT governance frameworks allow companies to manage their IT risks effectively and help them align their information and technology-based activities with their overall business goals and objectives.


Importance of Choosing IT Governance Services at Alareeb ICT 

If you want to utilize information technology effectively and have a desire to take your business to the next level, it is essential to consider IT governance services because these services will help your organization to:

  • Display measurable results with respect to broad organizational objectives and strategies.
  • Help you comply with regulatory and legal requirements. For example, it helps you fulfill the needs of the Companies Act of 2006 or General Data Protection Regulation. 
  • Guarantee to provide reliable IT services and boost the confidence of stakeholders. 
  • Promise to increase the ROI and help you comply with public listing rules, certain corporate governance or requirements.

Increase the ROI


Being one of the governance services and leading strategy service providers in the gulf, we have helped over 50+ clients in Saudi Arabia and encourage startups and many large scale enterprises for developing a corporate IT governance framework because this framework provides reference models for input and output of processes, IT processes, key process objectives, and helps get the techniques for performance measurement.

Whether it is the matter of risk management, governance, or compliance, the purpose of Alareeb ICT is to aid corporates in building an IT framework and ensure that it complies with all international standards. With our IT governance framework, you can easily define the methods and understand the ways to implement, handle, and track your company’s IT governance. Apart from that, we have a team of proficient governance experts who follow the best governance practices to use the common IT governance frameworks from COBIT, ISO/IEC 38500:2008, AS8015-2005 to Val IT.

Our governance experts aim at following the best practices of corporate governance by understanding, analysing and following standard IT governance frameworks like ITIL, COBIT, Val IT etc. Also, Alareeb ICT takes care of the critical guidelines to use IT processes and resources within an organization.


What is Included in IT Governance Services?

IT governance is defined as the structures, leadership, and processes that help organizations to make decisions and make it easy for them to support their objectives and strategies with IT.

IT governance


With IT governance, it becomes easy for enterprise governance to focus on its goals with proper strategy. One can repeat the processes in a structured format and align the IT investments with the company’s goals because IT governance services include various things. For example:

  • Creating portfolio for services
  • Ensure the management of IT service architecture and support process implementation, management solutions, and training. 
  • Implement shared services.
  • Ensure the management of technical deliveries. 
  • Strategic recruitment of service experts and process owners. 
  • Prepare and implement IT business alignment projects.
  • Engage in operational and strategic governance processes. 
  • Collaborate, evaluate, and deploy the latest and future IT systems across the organization.
  • Ensure cost-effective opportunities for resources in IT systems, plus provide options for staffing, sourcing, in-house development, and purchasing. 
  • Develop and implement business continuity plans and enterprise-wide disaster recovery. 
  • Continuous risk management and improvement throughout the transition, development, and operations stages of the life cycle. 
  • Link measurement between the tools and issue, team capabilities or processes to resolve risks. 
  • Governance frameworks management 
  • Evaluate and assess services, plus provide assurance for risk analysis and reporting. 

Are you looking for IT governance services to gain a competitive advantage in the age of digital transformation?

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digital transformation


We are Alareeb ICT and a partner for all your IT governance needs. We support you in identifying the ideal frameworks, creating comprehensive strategies, and having the best practices to manage the financial sector/institutions, IT companies, and other enterprises of all sizes. 

Our IT governance is divided into different domains such as value delivery, strategic alignment, resource management, performance management, and risk management. Our team has many years of experience in helping businesses and governments all over Saudi Arabia and in GCC areas and ensuring them to defend against cybercrime. 

We also help resolve risks, comply with all regulations, and promise to bring digital transformation in their infrastructure and IT security operations. Our pricing is reasonable, which means we don’t have hidden charges, add-on fees, or agendas. Apart from that, we offer personalized and customized action plans and data/IT governance services with having a proficient staff to answer all your queries throughout the project.


For more information, you can consult with one of the experts at Alareeb ICT and get IT governance services today.

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