Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Application Development

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Application Development

In 2015, Saudi Arabia became the second largest user base for online mobile shopping. Out of the middle east countries, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia experienced a maximum number of online purchases.

In 2019, the expected number of smartphone users was around 28.8 million, and this number has skyrocketed in the past few years.

According to Statista, the total number of downloads in the application market is expected to grow by 2,360.1m in 2022. Similarly, the average revenue for downloading per app is estimated to amount to US$1.14.

Accordingly, you can understand that there is a growing popularity of mobile apps among firms. Whether you are a startup, a blue-chip-based company, or an entrepreneur, mobile application development has become so important today for businesses worldwide because mobile apps enable users to access products, services, information, and processes in real-time and help you achieve business success.

Building a custom mobile app can become the right option for 2022 because the number of digital buyers has increased every year. Similarly, billions of people purchase products and services online. Whether it is a small, medium, or large company, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of mobile application development.

Some of the benefits of having the mobile app in business are as follow.


Advantages of Mobile Application Development

1. Provides more value to your customers

You may know online businesses are now technology-specific. Business owners are heavily dependent on technologies to make money online and build long-lasting relationships with existing customers and targeted audiences. When downloading apps by customers, it becomes easy to understand their requirements. Also, they can know what the brand offers and how it can become a valuable asset to buy products and services.


2. Easy accessibility

If you want to interact, engage, and communicate better with your customers, a mobile app can become the better option because it works faster than a website. When a maximum number of users access the mobile app, one can easily boost the application’s download rates and experience more profit.

Easy accessibility


3. Improves Efficiency

Before developing a business application, the company’s needs are always kept in mind so that the app can perform well after release. Apart from that, a single app is designed to perform several activities, improve staff productivity, and ensure a high return on investment. 


4. Collects Data

A specific amount of data can be collected from the application to understand customers’ buying habits. It also helps get insights into the pain points that need to be rectified to boost productivity and improve operational activities.


5. Unique Payment & Services

When developing the app with an efficient mobile applications strategy, it becomes effortless for your company to encourage your target customers and allows them to schedule an appointment with the experts as your mobile app includes several features that you need to consider to meet the different needs of industries.

Whether the app is developed for healthcare, salon, spa services, online food retail, or any business, a mobile application can be helpful for receiving direct payments via debit cards and credit cards. And by integrating the payment option in the mobile app, this platform can become fast, secure, and user-friendly.

Unique Payment Services


6. Utilize Agile Methodologies

One of the main benefits of choosing agile-based mobile application development is the ample opportunities that developers can access to develop and release the project in iterations or incremental stages. Furthermore, it helps know whether the application is moving as per the business requirement and provides a one-stop experience to customers, mainly those interested in getting specialized customer support and want to make in-app purchases. 


Disadvantages of Mobile Application Development

Above, you have checked out the benefits of having a mobile app. However, there are the biggest disadvantages that you should also know if you are planning to run your business online with a mobile application. 


1. Mobile Apps Can’t Replace a Website

Many businesses have found native applications as an excellent tool for interacting with customers and delivering location finders, shopping apps, rewards programs, and many more features.

But, the need of every successful business is a website because it requires less time and cost than an app. On the other hand, the cost of building a mobile can depend on various factors, and one of the crucial factors is human resources, or you can understand that it is the people who make the big differences.

At Alareeb ICT, we have experts who create mobile application strategies that work in Saudi Arabia and ensure that your application will be unique to satisfy the unique needs of customers and businesses.


2. Complexity

The nonlinear workflows or unstructured goals make the application complex. They allow your users to uninstall the app from the phone within a few seconds, which is again the biggest disadvantage of mobile phone applications.

To make the app stand out on the app store and Google Play, always choose a reliable information technology consultancy and company and you must create a digital plan to take your business to the next level and show your competitors and customers how adaptable your application is.


3. Native Applications are not SEO-friendly

Another drawback of mobile apps is that it is challenging to index the application’s content by search engines because they are not fully optimized to boost organic traffic. For this, creating a marketing strategy is essential because it includes your ideal customers, business goals, and the complete blueprint to grow your business.


Mobile Application Development Questions and Answers

1. How do I select the best mobile application developer?

Talk to the Alareeb ICT and discuss your goals to develop a successful mobile strategy. You can even ask for the experience of experts, communicate with us on a daily basis, and perform testing to build a scalable, user-friendly, and high-quality application.

successful mobile strategy


2. What is the key to maximising the value of Your company apps?

Having a well-thought-out mobile strategy is critical: simply “having an app” and hoping for immediate results isn’t a good idea. Your app should be thoroughly designed and tested by your target audience, then fine-tuned as per the requirement or based on feedback and accurate customer data. Besides, you must choose the right platform to fulfill the app’s objectives and goals. 


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