How Alareeb ICT Provides Advanced Digital Marketing to Education Industry

How Alareeb ICT Provides Advanced Digital Marketing to Education Industry

According to Ken Research, the e-learning market of Saudi Arabia is expected to generate over USD 1 billion. Similarly, the education industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a huge transformation in all parts of education. In this sector, many policies are derived from Saudi Vision 2030. You need to know that the school going population of the kingdom is three times higher than that of the GCC and other parts of the kingdom.

Nearly 6 million school children took distance education during the pandemic. About 80% of parents and teachers believe that distance and digital education help teachers and students build strong relationships. This means investing in digital marketing can become a useful option for the education sector this year.


Role of Digital Marketing in the Education Industry/ Domain of EdTech

The term ‘digital’ has become the successful mantra in today’s marketplace, and one of the factors that help online education services become more visible is digital marketing. Digital marketing is the process that helps create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings and make it possible for your company to bring value to your customers, partners, clients, and society using digital channels.

Some services like website design, SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, mobile connected apps, and social media engagement are critical digital marketing approaches implemented by top digital marketing companies in Saudi Arabia to grow your sales and build loyalty with your students.

In Saudi Arabia, digital marketing agencies prefer websites, chat rooms, social media networking platforms, and email as the most popular channels, including web 2.0 technology to allow collaborations, interactions, and communications in synchronous and asynchronous ways.

The state of EdTech in the UAE


Top Digital Marketing Strategies that Alareeb ICT Provides to Educational Institutes/Sectors in 2022

Alareeb ICT is the best digital marketing agency and consultant in Saudi Arabia that aims to grow your business successfully with internet marketing services and ensures to provide you better credibility for your brand. For educational institutes and sectors, we have created a useful digital marketing plan suitable for business owners planning to take digital marketing services in 2022. Let’s take a look and drive positive results with us.

1. Define your Target Audience

Your target audience can be a particular group of students or individuals that may want online training services in different content formats such as audio, video, and text. They can be interested in m-learning, gamification, MOOCs (massive open online courses), and SPOCs (Small private online courses).

Their preferred choice for choosing an online education course can be an integrated online software like LMS or smart classrooms or an e-learning authoring tool that you may use to create educational content. Thus, the group of people who show interest in your services or see your ad campaigns is your target audience for educational institutes and industries. Several factors can be considered while finding your target audience, such as gender, location, income, age, or your students’ behavior/interests/habits, etc. 


2. Analyze your Competitors and Keywords

Competitor analysis is important due to the following reasons:

  • It will help you understand how you can improve your business strategy.
  • Moreover, a competitor analysis aims to know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses so that you can outperform them in various areas and reach your ideal customers.

Analyze your Competitors and Keywords


On the other hand, keywords are phrases or words that allow you to find a business with the help of search engines. With keywords, you can identify different topics, content, and terms that are published on any business website, including social media material, newsletters, blogs, etc.

If you want to connect with users in the education industry, you can pay attention to keywords or hire the best digital marketing agency experts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At Alareeb ICT, we have a team of SEO keyword researchers who first study your niche, which means our experts find out the terms to describe your company, brand, product, or service.

Here are a few tips that we follow to study your niche: 

  • Talk with your customers better and engage them in various ways. For example, our experts monitor social media feedback, comments, and personal messages in order to maintain your positive brand image among customers.
  • Also, there are other tactics followed by our experts. For example, they build a community forum, attend industry events, ask questions from your customers, create a customer loyalty program, and provide self-service resources to build a loyal customer base. 
  • The reason to study your niche is that it allows us to find specific consumers who will definitely buy your products or services.

From understanding your goals to implementing your keyword plan, we follow the below steps to conduct thorough and accurate keyword research: 


Step 1: Define your goals

Defining your goals is important to transform your ideas into reality. While knowing your mission or defining your goal, you should ask the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your brand all about?
  • What is your website?
  • Why do you create a website?
  • What makes your brand special?
  • What promises do you make to yourself for your website?

Define your goal


Step 2: Create a List of Similar Topics

Based on your business goals, the next step is to focus on the topics that are related to your buyer personas. Understand the search query of your target audience on Google. These topics can be further utilized and broken down into keywords to make your website/business noticed.


Step 3: Use Research Tools for Keywords & Create a List of Seed Keywords

Focus keywords or seed keywords are the basis of your keyword research as they can help you know competitors as per your niche. But, finding the list of keywords is challenging, yet it is possible when you go with a good keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner, which is specially designed to search keywords and get the right direction for a specific search term.


Step 4: Know the Search Intent

The term that is used to describe the purpose of an online search is search intent. It helps you know why people are searching and what they are searching for. Are they searching for a particular website, or are they intending to buy something? Everything you can know from the search intent.


Step 5: Identify the Information about your Customers

Performing keyword research is not enough. To help you become your brand successful, the experts at Alareeb ICT also inquire about your competitors. Make sure a better understanding of your industry’s content landscape can help you win in SEO and make it effortless for your site to come on top in search engine rankings. 


3. Website Audit & Optimization 

Having a great amount of traffic is tough on your educational website because the competition is so high. You may know is the most visited and the 2nd most popular website for Science and education in Saudi Arabia for June 2022. Other websites with a good rank for education in Saudi are,,, and Hire an Arab digital marketer for website auditing and optimization and analyze your web presence in order to get measurable results.


4. Search Engine and Directory Submission 

For an easy listing of your site with search engines and to submit your site into a web directory of an education category, Alareeb ICT offers off-page SEO services and ensures that your website will be noticed and well-recognized by directories. 


5. Content Creation & Promotion

Content is king in SEO and is also the ranking factor in search engines. At the same time, content marketing is equally important to respond to your audience’s queries and build trust and relationships with them. It also helps generate leads and enhance conversions. Create your content in English and Arabic with our content creators at Alareeb ICT and inform your students/customers about your education industry, site, and its products and services. 


6. Mobile Optimization

As per the research of Airnow Data, Saudi Arabia reported about 21 million smartphone users. In 2022, we can expect around 24 million users with their smartphone utilization rate. Thus, if you plan to develop a website for your educational institution, you must understand that making the site mobile-friendly is crucial because it displays your site’s content properly on smaller screens and makes it easy to navigate the site.

Mobile Optimization


Above, we have mentioned the advanced digital marketing services that Alareeb ICT provides to the education industry. For your information, top education companies in Saudi Arabia are AI Asala, King Abdullah University, Advanced Education Company Careers, Interserve Learning & Employment, Wall Street English, Laureate Vocational, Pearson – UAE, and more.

If you want to beat these competitors and gain possible benefits, you can speak with one of our experts at Alareeb ICT and book a consultation call for our digital marketing services in Riyadh, Jeddah, and other GCC areas.

You may be glad to know that our strength lies in our ability to design an effective digital marketing plan that can include CRM integration, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, website analytics, and any other digital marketing services that you need to meet your company’s needs and goals. 


Check out our digital eBook on digital marketing published by specialists at Alareeb ICT.

We at Alareeb ICT also provide free consultation services that you can get before starting your first digital marketing project with us. 

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