Top 5 Examples of Digital Marketing Impact in the Saudi Healthcare Sector

Top 5 Examples of Digital Marketing Impact in the Saudi Healthcare Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for digitized platforms such as health tech applications in the healthcare sector because the purpose of health apps is to make the healthcare experience more efficient and highly satisfying for all stakeholders who are involved in the healthcare system. With these applications and technology, reducing medical errors and protecting patient privacy and adverse drug reactions is simple. Similarly, health apps ensure improved overall patient care.


Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Why is digital marketing important in healthcare? Well, the importance of digital marketing for healthcare is hard to explain. Yet, you need to know that the healthcare sector is highly competitive. In order to spread awareness regarding your healthcare services, it becomes crucial to grab digital marketing services in Saudi Arabia and all over the world.

The reason to choose digital marketing in healthcare is the quality care that your customers want from your company. Many studies have shown that today people research online and check the list of best healthcare companies before taking any medical service. Digital marketing/online marketing is the strategy or best practice to connect the brand with its potential customers. This thing happens with the help of the internet or by using other forms of digital communication. For example, social media, email, text, and web-based advertising or multimedia messages, content marketing, or mobile marketing are also part of digital marketing.

Digital marketing for healthcare is the way to build a strong brand identity and helps reach a broader audience. As you know, the internet is also a great tool for sharing a wide variety of information with your potential clients, so it can become a smart move for healthcare companies to promote their services and generate more leads and sales in the digital world.

If you want to boost your healthcare reputation and showcase your expertise to prospective patients, you should invest in effective digital marketing because it helps small businesses know the online behavior and habits of customers and allow them to target the most relevant and ideal customers.


Alareeb ICT Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia for the Medical & Healthcare Industry

Alareeb ICT is an award-winning digital marketing agency for the medical and healthcare industries. We have comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in different digital marketing services. Whether you are looking for SEO (search engine optimization), Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Outreach, Website Strategy, Quality Link Building, Content Creation and Optimization, Content Generation and Optimization or Mobile Marketing, we at Alareeb ICT offer everything in our digital marketing agency in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Our customized, collaborative and transparent strategy helps clients achieve their organizational goals and make it easy for them to fulfill their business needs under a suitable budget.

Moreover, we leverage various digital marketing tools to deliver effective and satisfactory digital marketing services to medical professionals and hospitals. We can also help you build plans and strategies to promote your health tech company and promise to grab new and existing clients with our digital marketing best practices.

Book a quick consultation call at +966 11 486 8359, +966 11 686 8359, or visit our office directly at Level 6 Akaria Plaza, Northern Wing, Gate D, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to learn more about how the experts at Alareeb ICT will help you obtain the desired goals for your health tech startup or firm.

We can assist your business in achieving new heights in the digital sphere and provide you with the best digital marketing services to reach more clients and patients for your healthcare app and websites. 


Impact of Digital Marketing on the Saudi Healthcare Sector

Healthcare digital marketing is the process of promoting your healthcare services to people who are searching online. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 88% of people search for online health information, and 70% of people reveal that they make a decision about treatment from this health information. Thus, we can say that digital marketing helps you stay connected with new and existing patients whenever you like.

Do you want to know what you can drive with digital marketing, or what is the overall impact of digital marketing in the healthcare industry?

Let’s check out below how digital marketing/internet marketing can help you gain benefits in healthcare.

1. Reach

Healthcare marketers used tv, radio, sticking papers, newspapers, and brochures to spread awareness about their brands. Today, mobile advertising, social media, and search engines have become the right way to approach the right customers and targeted audience.

As per Google, many patients use search engines to book an online appointment with doctors, and one-third of the patients prefer social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter to search the information about your company and your services.



Similarly, 2 % of customers trust reviews, ratings, and recommendations before visiting any clinics or hospitals. But, in order to reach a global and local audience, it becomes crucial to create advanced digital marketing strategies because they can help you interact with your potential customers and learn exactly what they are looking for.

Do you want to improve your reach? Want more customers for your business? Hire one of the best digital marketing companies in Saudi Arabia because the experts have tactics to identify your buyers, and they can provide you with better visibility than traditional marketing. 


2. Build a Personal & Long-term Relationship

After having the correct audience, the next step is to build a trustworthy relationship with them. The good news is that Arab digital marketers have appropriate strategies to deliver the right message to the right patient.

Build a Personal & Long term Relationship


The digital marketing expert also has the expertise in using online marketing analytics to deliver a better personalization experience. Communication with patients is important to gather end-users data and build a personalized connection with them. With the help of personal, social, demographic, and behavioral information, one can customize the marketing message and retain the patients for longer.

As you know, digital marketing is vital for the healthcare services industry. Thus don’t forget to implement digital marketing in this sector. Otherwise, you can fail to build relationships with customers. 


3. Helps Measure the Performance of Digital Marketing Strategies & Effectiveness

When choosing the best Saudi-based digital marketing agency, it becomes effortless to measure the performance of your entire marketing drive. You can know whether your marketing campaigns are working or not. If they are working, you will get buyers, and these campaigns will help you improve your company’s image, boost sales, build brand recognition, and increase your ROI.

Furthermore, digital marketing helps organizations and healthcare professionals make informed decisions regarding services they are offered in healthcare. You can even invest money into things that help you bring good results and allow you to grow your business. 


4. Social Media Marketing

According to Global Media Insight, Saudi Arabia has a total population of 35.08 million; out of them, 79.25% are actively using social media.

This means social media is the ideal way to connect with your audience, spread brand awareness, drive website traffic and increase your sales. Social media marketing allows healthcare practitioners and hospitals to target their patients as per demographics, such as sex, location, age, and more.

Besides, social media marketing helps people gain education on various health topics. Doctors believe that social media is a great tool to provide quality patient care and build positive relationships between service providers and patients.

Also, social media sites offer a variety of features and help individual users for different purposes. These sites can include photo-sharing options, videos, and short blogs to make informed decisions about healthcare services or treatment. 


5. Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is another approach or digital marketing strategy to generate traffic on your healthcare site, and it can transform the leads into customers. Google AdWord is an example of PPC, which is an online advertising service implemented by search engines and various other platforms. With PPC ads, you can make your healthcare service websites visible on search engines and track the results.

Alareeb ICT is one of the best digital marketing companies for healthcare website design and the people who are looking for digital marketing services for hospitals and doctors in Riyadh & Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our performance-driven approach helps you achieve your digital marketing goals, and these goals can be accomplished by offering SEO services, content marketing, or revamping your website.

Alareeb ICT is one of the best digital marketing companies for healthcare website design


For your information, Osoul, the leading poultry producer in the kingdom, hired Alareeb ICT to create its digital presence. After understanding the company’s requirements, our experts helped the company in its digital marketing and offered them a budget-friendly digital marketing plan, including SEO, paid ads, and social media. We helped them achieve more than 70% of visitors to its sites and made revenue generation possible.

You may be glad to know that we offer a free consultation service in digital marketing and soon we are planning to expand our services in the MENA region. Digital marketing has become crucial for every online business, and it allows companies to sell their services and products to potential customers. 


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