Overview of Social Media in Saudi Arabia in 2022

Digital Marketing: Overview of Social Media in Saudi Arabia in 2022

According to Worldometers’ elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the total population of Saudi Arabia will be 35,913,946 in 2022, which means we can assume that 0.45% of Saudi Arabia’s population is equivalent to the total world population.


How Many People in Saudi Arabia Use Social Media?

Social media plays a crucial role in Saudi Arabia. Nearly 82.3% of the population of Saudi Arabia are active users of social media. Undoubtedly, social media platforms are good for communicating and connecting with each other. Yet, there are some barriers that may be faced by women. The reason for the low participation of females on social media platforms in Saudi Arabia is their hesitation, which doesn’t allow them to raise their voices in front of everyone.

Similarly, it can be Saudi Arabia’s collectivist culture or some social, cultural, and religious constraints that make them feel reserved for such activities. For now, we can say that gender segregation, lack of awareness, and fear of social disapproval are other factors that limit women’s representation on social media sites. 

How Many People in Saudi Arabia Use Social Media?


What Are the Popular Social Media Apps Used in Saudi Arabia?

One of the most used and popular social media apps in Saudi Arabia are Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

According to Global Media Insight, about 29.50 million individuals have habits of using social media, with an average time spent of 3 hours and 24 minutes on a daily basis. It means social media usage in Saudi Arabia is high compared to previous years.

What Are the Popular Social Media Apps Used in Saudi Arabia


What Are the Main Reasons for Using Social Media in Saudi Arabia?

  • Approximately 46.20% of people use social media to stay in touch with their family and friends. 
  • 46.10% of individuals use it to fill spare time
  • 32.60% of Saudi Arabians find products online, and they make a decision to purchase after having the information from social media
  • 31.50% of people use social media for reading news stories. Similarly, 31% of users make new contacts through it.

What Are the Main Reasons-for-Using-Social Media in Saudi Arabia

What Is the Future of Social Media in Saudi Arabia? 

According to the social media statistics of Saudi Arabia, it is clear that the social media future is bright in the country. As discussed above, the Kingdom has a population of more than 35.59 people and around 34.84 million internet users, which means these numbers can increase in the future as well because more people have smartphones.

They are also available on social networks. Besides, you can assume citizens of Saudi, including government officials will be available on social media channels, and they can be communicated through social media platforms. 

Undoubtedly, people in Saudi are late adopters when it comes to specific technologies like social networking sites or smartphones. This is perhaps due to conservative norms that effectively restrict the freedom of humankind. However, these laws can take time and improve slowly. Yet, Saudi residents will be sure to be less hesitant while expressing themselves online.


Twitter Reveals Several Key Trends That Help Shape Saudi Conversations in 2022

  • Brands that use social media to engage with people can also create a WoW statement by approaching individuals for the use of technology. For example, by leveraging digital marketing services in Saudi Arabia, you can inform your customers regarding a particular product and let them know how you’re embracing technology and how it can become helpful for them. With this approach, you can make them well-informed and promote your business.
  • The citizens of Saudi are interested in environmental issues, especially when they are linked to national identities, such as large rail constructions, smart cities, smart cars, and alternative energy projects.
  • Embrace the digital economy and integrate cryptocurrency into your business.
  • Saudi’s are looking for ways to interact with a large community. It means they are not looking for deals. Thus, offer them something or share something that can motivate them and allow them to discuss with the world.

Whether it is digital banks, cryptocurrencies, smart cities, or online retailers, people feel qualified as conversations around content creation, digital marketing, innovation, Saudi digitalization, entrepreneurship, and remote working are predicted to expand.

Accordingly, if you are planning to choose a digital marketing agency in Saudi Arabia for your business promotion on Twitter, you should keep in mind that your audience is online on this platform. You should try to understand their behaviour or ask any Arab digital marketer to connect with them on a personal basis. In this way, you can keep yourself updated with current trends that help define consumer behaviour in Saudi Arabia. 


Why Are non-Saudis Banned for Publishing Ads on Social Media?

Due to violating some rules on social media sites, The Saudi General Authority of Audiovisual Media has announced a ban on posting ads on social media sites. For this, one should have a license. Otherwise, there is a five-year prison or fine of up to SR5 million ($1.3 million). Approval of social media advertising in Saudi Arabia will be given to those who have a license, legal documents or who work under a commercial entity.

Recently, Saudi officials prohibited an Arab Snapchat Influencer who was advertising her tobacco by publishing videos on social media accounts. Not only this but also a fine of SR400,000 was received from the celebrity for publicizing without a licence. 


Is Saudi Arabia Offered an Authority for Online Selling in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the e-Commerce law of Saudi Arabia allows eCommerce service providers to sell their goods and services online. Also, the Saudi Vision of 2030 is another milestone that helps eCommerce sectors achieve digital transformation in the Kingdom and enhance their economy.


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