Top 10 Ad Campaigns on Social Media in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Ad Campaigns on Social Media in Saudi Arabia

Social media ad campaigns are a type of advertising that is given by many brands on different social media platforms with the mission to increase brand awareness, boost sales, and accomplish several business goals and objectives.

Are you running any social media Ads in Saudi Arabia? If not, you need to understand that there are three main reasons for advertising on social media:

  • To hyper-target your specific users
  • To develop an audience database
  •  To track your return on Investment.

On the other hand, if you want to embrace a sustainable business and keep your sales afloat, you should focus on social media advertising and the reasons mentioned above to maximize your conversions and meet your marketing needs. Besides, we have curated a list of the top 10 ad campaigns on social media in Saudi Arabia.


10 Social Media Campaigns You Need to Learn 


1. Sarha for Saudi Telecom

Wunderman Thompson launches the content creating camel to connect with global professional photographers remotely and encourage them to join Sarha to take pictures of Saudi Arabia, which is popular for large deserts. However, some parts of Saudi are un-survivable, unpopulated, and unreachable. Yet, the biggest network of the Kingdom, STC (Saudi Telecom), has opened its doors to help you get the best tourism experience in Saudi Arabia.

Sarha for Saudi Telecom


2. Lego Saudi Stores

Lego is one of the top brands in Saudi Arabia that has created a Saudi newspaper on the country’s national day to showcase the pride and achievements of the kingdom.


3. PlayStation5

During the launch of PlayStation 5, Lightblue created a campaign with a number of world-class stunt performances and highlighted two well-trained wingsuit athletes who were jumping from the top of Burj Khalifa and falling to the ground.


4. M.A.L.I MOvement

M.A.L.I (Mouvement Alternatif pour les Libertés Individuelles – Maroc) ran a campaign based on Women’s virginity testing on Valentine’s day in order to gain the attention of people who think it is a patriarchal concept and a sign of sexual objectification.

M.A.L.I MOvement


5. Sweetwater

In collaboration with Adidas, Arwa AL-Banawi celebrated an iconic Adidas shoe and realized the importance of Saudi talent in targeting a global audience.


6. Mobily

On Safer Internet Day, MullenLowe and Mobily leverage cutting-edge technologies and voice-modifying innovation to create a headset that can prevent young gamers from attackers, which may be a common issue in the world due to the availability of gaming platforms. You may know a huge increase was seen in online games during the pandemic, but some tight restrictions in the country allow kids to stay safe on SID.


7. Le Cran (Black Associations Representative Council)

The prime minister of the State of African Diaspora and Honorary President of Le Cran, Louis Georges, created a Twitter account with the username @lonelypaygap to spread awareness on the Ethnic Pay Gap that needs to be more visible than others.

Le Cran (Black Associations Representative Council)


8. Laisha 

Laisha used the magazine’s cover as a media channel to help women with helpline number *6724 to stop domestic violence that may be experienced by most ladies here. The purpose of running its campaign was to provide a respectable position to Israel women and save their lives.


9. The Department of Culture and Tourism

Culture and Tourism was another campaign conducted by Create Media over top social media apps in Saudi Arabia to introduce a virtual space for people who are interested in tourism programmes and cultures online. Create Media creates content for its cultural sites and engages people in Abu Dhabi so that they can get a seamless and clean mobile experience by discovering culture masterclasses and interviews.


10. Pizza2Go

Mullen Lowe Mena talked about food waste in its campaign, which was launched during Ramadan to remove 25% of the Pizza box that went in the bin earlier. The idea of launching a campaign was to help those who are in need of food as customers buy this pizza for AED 44, so a quarter portion should be donated to Red Crescent to avoid wastage and utilize the UAE’s pizza well for people who are in need of eating food that is good in taste.



How to Make Social Media Ad Campaigns Successful and Effective

According to social media statistics in Saudi Arabia, popular platforms in the Kingdom, including in the Middle East are Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter due to the growth of high smartphones. In 2018, Instagram was used by 12 million users, and the active users of Twitter and Snapchat were 11 million and 14 million. Technology plays a crucial role in social media.

KFC celebrated the UAE National Day with its fried chicken buckets and allowed users to buy it with a unique QR code. The company used Augmented Reality to help users get their favourite brand experience.

Moreover, the World Food Programme took the help of influencers to raise awareness about its hunger situation. The organization supports the people of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and others in the Middle East and helps them get cash and food through their campaign #FoodForThought and has an objective to resolve the world’s biggest problem that is hunger.

Nevertheless, emotions also give an opportunity to increase user engagement. In March 2019, Babyshop created awareness about breast cancer on Mother’s day and captured its attention with an online campaign. Not only this, but also, it delivered a heartfelt message through videos and partnered with Uber and Aster Medical Centers to offer free rides and complimentary screenings on Mother’s Day.

Thus, even after the cultural sensitivities, different languages, and nationalities, brands can satisfy their needs with PPC in Saudi Arabia or run ad campaigns on social media to become viral. One can collaborate with Gen Z, millennials, and top influencers and bloggers to experience faster growth on all platforms and achieve more brand engagement. 


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