How ALAREEB ICT Provides Mobile App Strategy for Startups in Saudi Arabia

How ALAREEB ICT Provides Mobile App Strategy for Startups in Saudi Arabia

Mobile application strategy is a broad term that includes various factors, which means it is not only the process of hiring developers to build an app but also knowledge or understanding of how the mobile application will integrate into the company’s operations, how it will communicate with targeted customers, generate revenue, and serves as a valuable digital asset that actually business needs to build its brand awareness.

Importance of Developing a Mobile App Strategy for Startups 

If you have mobile app ideas for your startup, you may know it is also crucial to create the best mobile app development strategy because it helps you grow and expand your business in the industry and lets you compete with your competitors in order to make your business stand out in the industry.

That’s why in the world of the mobile-first era, it is always suggested to choose a reliable company because it has IT staff from analysts, designers, developers, marketing folks, product teams to human resource managers that may pay attention to certain challenges and engage with several clients to ensure that they can address business problems through a well-designed mobile app strategy.

For example, the role of a mobile app designer is to take care of the overall style and look of a mobile application. The designers also focus on user experience design and user interface, including font, buttons, color scheme, and other elements that are easy to understand and ensure minimum efforts from the users’ end while obtaining the desired outcomes.

 Likewise, the pricing strategy for an app is to launch the product with a higher price tag, and this is when you can captivate the attention of more customers and take advantage of the current marketplace. Whereas app monetization is the process of transforming a user base into a revenue system for both developers as well as publishers. And there are numerous ways included in the app monetization strategy, such as advertising, in-app purchases, paid apps (pay-to-download) apps, and more. 

How Alareeb ICT Creates Premium Mobile App Strategy for Start-ups in Saudi Arabia?

As a business mindset, we believe that if a person is planning to get a mobile app development service, they are also thinking of having a faster turnaround.. It is a fact that when developing and deploying an app faster, it becomes easy to build a solution at competitive prices. However, the ideal way to approach mobile app development is to first concentrate on its strategy, and it should be designed in a careful manner. Otherwise, it would be challenging for you to be successful in the market.

At Alareeb ICT, we follow the step-by-step approach for people, especially the Saudi Arabians who come to us with the purpose of crafting a mobile app development strategy.

Our aim is to meet the company’s unique goals and create various strategies from mobile application development, mobile app pricing strategy, and mobile app monetization strategy to mobile app distribution/marketing strategy.

mobile app marketing & distribution strategy

For instance, the mobile management strategy is suitable for creating a seamless environment where customers can use the software/application/tools with ease and access the essential information to make purchasing decisions.

Similarly, having a comprehensive mobile app marketing & distribution strategy is necessary while launching an app because thousands of millions of applications are already published on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The point is why people should choose your product when they have other options in the line. For this, you must ensure that your application should be easy to navigate, user-friendly, and visually appealing. It should not be complex. Otherwise, it takes a few seconds for users to delete or uninstall your app from the mobile phone.

Make sure the good mobile application allows users to have smooth and functional access to processes, information, products, and services and promises to meet the special requirements. 

Guidelines to Consider to Help you in Strategizing:

1. Create a user profile

The first step is to create a user’s profile. If you’ve already made a profile of your ideal customers for your company, you need to create one more for your customer-facing app along with demographics, which means you should know your customers’ interests, pain points, and needs. You must also know the type of app your users can find valuable.

2. Define the data that will be accessible via the mobile app

When making the data available, it is critical to remember that your consumers don’t know that the application can become an all-encompassing solution. Apart from that, don’t try to add too much data and functionality into a single app, as it can make the product difficult to use. To avoid this problem, always create a basic app that your users need to use with ease.

3. Create a data encryption protocol

The idea of app leakage and concept is the biggest threat to entrepreneurs and companies today. Thus, if you are going to create a mobile app development strategy, you must consider the security of your new application. It will help you keep your user’s data safe and protected.

4. Determine how to utilize the data generated by the mobile application to make effective business decisions

After deploying the app, you will be able to gather a massive amount of information about users. After that, you need to analyze what to do with this data and how it will help you play a role in impacting your company’s decisions.

5. Mobile application development questions and answers (Q&A)

Mobile strategy, particularly mobile app development, is the topmost priority for many firms. Besides, developing an app requires strategic planning along with substantial research. For this, there are many questions that you need to consider to achieve your goals.

    • Is a mobile application needed?
    • What is a mobile application development framework?
    • What is an on-demand mobile application?
    • What are the different types of mobile applications development?
    • What do you want to accomplish for your mobile app?
    • How do you want your users to interact with your app? What platforms are you planning to use?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • How do you want to use your app through customers?
    • What platforms are you planning to target?
    • Which mobile app development framework and language should you use?
    • Who are your competitors? What features do they offer in their apps?
    • What is your total budget for app development?
    • When will you launch your app?
    • What is your timeline for development?

Mobile application development questions and answers

To convert your requirements into a mobile app, we use the following strategies and services to meet your organizational objectives.

    • Mobile application designing 
    • Mobile application development 
    • Mobile application marketing 

Mobile Application Designing: The experts at Alareeb ICT plan, define, and design the user experience with a mission to give a great experience to the app’s users. Our visual effects, creative combination of colors, fonts, graphical elements, and navigations are suitable to get a consistent user experience.

Mobile Application Development: Our mobile app development services cover a wide range of technologies and platforms, including Android, HTML 5, iOS, Windows Mobile, hybrid and cross-platform solutions. Apart from that, we offer numerous solutions and applications, including augmented reality (AR) applications, business applications, and e-commerce applications to VR (virtual reality) applications. Similarly, our mobile apps work best on a variety of mobile devices and include different architecture to help you get a unique experience.

Mobile Apps Marketing: Defining and implementing a mobile app marketing strategy is vital to ensure a successful launch and reach a broader audience. To make the application stand out, the creative team at Alareeb ICT creates a description to promote the app and explain the brand’s story with important features.

To know more about our mobile applications strategy, read our full blog written by one of the experts at Alareeb ICT. You may know Saudi Arabia has been concentrating more on mobile application development because the country has over 90+ app developers, and Alareeb ICT is also your mobile app strategy partner that you can choose to ensure a seamless connection between mobile apps and business goals.

artificial intelligence Cloud

Some of the technologies that we leverage to bring the digital transformation of major organizations in KSA are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT, and many others. With these technologies and some more innovations, we assist enterprises in growing their targeted audience and business in any area.

Being the mobile app partner, we promise to boost and enhance sales through mobile app development and build a direct marketing channel to connect customers with your app and help them get a better customer experience. 

Are you ready to develop an effective strategy for your custom mobile app project? Book a consultation with one of the experts from Alareeb ICT or download the Alareeb ICT ebook that focuses on both web and mobile apps so that you can get an idea and release your app successfully. 

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